Kreasi Baru

by Qehn

This is an index of scores and MIDI files of Kreasi Baru ("new compositions") that I have written for gamelan. The Scores are rendered as well as I could in plain text and HTML so as to be as accesible as possible to the greatest number of people. The MIDI files are mostly incomplete reditions, leaving out such things as bukas and often ompaks, including only what I considered the "important" sections (hmm..mostly sounds like I'm just lazy!).
A brief note on copyright: This pieces do belong to me. But I have never yet refused permission to anyone who wanted to perform my work, and I don't intend to start now. If you want to perform, even record, any of these pieces, please just ask. All I want is to be properly credited for my work. Thanks.

See You Next Wednesday

This is based on a little riff I came up with years ago, and finally I did something with it. The title comes from a "tradition" many film in many films, when the characters go to a movie as part of the action in the film, and the film maker doesn't want to get rights or whatever to use someone else's film in their own, to have them go to a made-up film, very often entitled "See You Next Wednesday".

Gendhing Carol Galbraith

Carol is a friend of mine who died in an automobile accident with her husband and son in 1995.


This isn't really a gangsaran.

Lancaran Mbira

This was my first attempt at combining African rhythms with gamelan.

Lancaran Sari Pandhawa

I wrote this piece in 1996 to commemorate the arrival of our instruments from Java. It's unadulterated cheerfulness is rather unusual for me.

Rising Waters

This is a collaboration piece. It was composed jointly by several members of Gamelan Sari Pandhawa, in the fall of 1996. And yes, it was raining.

Ketawang Planxty Kai

All good dogs deserve pieces written about them. This piece mixes the Javanese form and texture with a suling part written in imitation of an Irish air.


The gamelan part for this was written several years before I finally added the flute part.

Revenge of the Kenongs

I always wanted a piece with a kenong solo. I actually once improvised one in a session with Widiyanto. He laughed, but it was clear that I should never do that in performance!

Untitled Lancaran

It's not really a lancaran in the traditional sense, but it has sort of a lancaran feel to it. Suggestions for a title?

Cheetos for Breakfast

An attempt to mix Balinese and Javanese into a single form. An "interesting" experiment. We'll have to see what it sounds like with "real" instruments.

Columbus Day, 1999

Written in honor of my paternal grandmother, who passed away on that date.

Boot Sector Virus

This was written in honor of my friend Hiawatha's 46th birthday. This rendition sounds an awful lot like Philip Glass, I think.

Styrofoam Geisha (working title)

This is a piece that I heard in a dream, and actually remembered some of it after I woke up.

The Africa Suite

This is a set of three pieces for gamelan with African instruments. The point of the pieces is to combine the various temperments (tuning-wise, not emotional) of Africa and Indonesia. Unfortunately, I am unable to render that effect in a General MIDI file, that is, by default, in 12-tone equal temperment.

Hanuman Dreams of Africa

For Gamelan (slendro) and Balafons (xylophones). It combines rhythmic elements of Mandinka (West African) balafon music, Balinese Gong Kebyar, and Javanese pathetan. It was premiered at the Festival of the Millennium at the University of Oregon in November, 2000.

Vox Cetacea

This one is for 2 Mbira Dza Vadzimu and Gamelan (slendro). It was written for, and at the suggestion of, my friend and fellow band member, Nora.

The Wandering Mystics of Zool (working title)

For Gamelan (pelog) and Kora (West African harp). This piece commemorates what is commonly held to be my 39th birthday. 39 is the product of two of my favorite prime numbers, 3 and 13. Therefore, the gamelan part for this piece is 39 gatras long, arranged in 3 gongans of 13 gatras each.

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