Need some Gamelan Sari Pandhawa to take home with you? We have 3 CDs and a wayang kulit DVD for sale, $10.00(US) each. Shipping is $2.00 per domestic (US) order. We are currently unable to handle international orders. Sorry. Someday we'll get with the program.
Title: Batik
Title: Shadow Play
Title: Music for Gender Ensemble
Title: Playing with Shadows: The Expulsion of Wibisana
Format: CD
Format: CD
Format: CD
Format: DVD
Contents: Asmaradana, Elegy in Memory of Bill Colvig, Gending Pak Cokro, Kasatrijan, Penghijauan, Tropongan
Contents: Wilujeng, Kutut Manggung, Petalon, Gangsaran/Roning Tawang, Sekar Teja, Kasatrijan, Subakastawa
Contents: Subakastawa, Kutut Manggung, Kasatrijan, The Wandering Mystics of Zool, Philemon & Baucis, Sekar Teja, Wilujeng
Contents: Traditional presentation of a Javanese wayang kulit, or shadow puppet play, by an American puppeteer, accompanied by gamelan music. Live performance complete with audience noise.
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