Repertoire List

This is a partial repetoire list for Gamelan Sari Pandhawa. We are always learning new pieces and refining our interpretations of old ones, so this list is always in flux. But here are some of the pieces we are playing in our concerts, as well as pieces we are in the process of learning.

Notation for some of these pieces is given in a combination of plain text and HTML. Click on the title of the piece to go there.

Once you get there, a MIDI file should automatically load, playing the balungan of the piece, as well as the gerongan, if any. If you don't hear anything, check the setup of your browser. You may also access the MIDI file for each page directly: the location and file name of the MIDI file is the same as the HTML document, simply replace the suffix ".htm" with ".mid".

Note on Tuning: These pieces have been rendered in 12-tone equal temperment. The pitches chosen seemed to be the closest to those on our instruments. This is at times an unsatisfactory compromise, but these MIDI files are meant to give a basic "feel" of the balungan and vocal lines, not to be an accurate representation of a final product. At any rate, here are the scales I used:

Slendro: 1=C#, 2=D#, 3=F#, 5=G#, 6=A#

Pelog: 1=D#, 2=E, 3=F#, 4=A, 5=A#, 6=B, 7=C# OR

1=D, 2=Eb, 3=F, 4=G#, 5=A, 6=Bb, 7=C depending on my mood that day.

Traditional Gendhing

Laras Pelog, Pathet Lima

Laras Pelog, Pathet Nem

Laras Pelog, Pathet Barang

Laras Slendro, Pathet Nem

Laras Slendro, Pathet Sanga

Laras Slendro, Pathet Manyuro

Modern Gendhing

Pak Cokro

Lou Harrison



Ki Nartosabdho

Other Composers