Objectives 2000

1. Businesses and non-profits

Develop partner-style relationships.

I believe that local (small?) businesses and most non-profits are happy and eager to contribute a reasonable amount of money in return for Internet services and support from an ISP with it's soul and body in the local community.

As helpdesk@efn.org, I will work to to provide the best possible service to these members, and to nurture the concept of efn as the "Community ISP." We're all in this together. We will help you use the Internet.

2. Individuals

Sell the concept of efn as "your local community network," a place where your presence is welcome, a place where you are free to use your imagination, go where you want, do what you want to do.

Of course, the goals and expectations are much more diverse here. Reliabitity of service and ease of use are important, equally and universally.

I will continue to do my best to provide the best possible support to all our members. I will continue to seek new members for the community network. Allow us to help you discover the Internet.

3. Classes

I'd like our Internet school to grow and prosper.

People are hungry to learn this medium. From it, they want; communication, education, fun and maybe even profit. We give them the key. They love it and crave more

I will work to make efn be known as the place to get in and go and grow. I will do my best to develop and maintain the infrastructure of our classroom and to provide support to our instructors and students.

4. Our Team

A team effort, with all due respect and cooperarion.

We have great talent and ability. I would like for us to continue to define and refine our strategy of working together to provide the best possible platform for this community to access and use the Internet.

Ray: 07 November 1999