The Earth turns

Updated: 9/2/98, with vacation pics.
Updated: 9/4/00, with vacation, and Ramona's wedding pics.
Updated: 7/4/04 Culled dead links. This site might soon be gone.
Updated : 4/28/07 Still here.

Ray is testing the NVU. Now Ray is testing the Expression Web

Latest GOES-10 Satellite Images.

Eli and Ray at Bill & Anna Marie's .


Intrepid Travelers 1998

  1. "Crater Crew"
  2. "Caddy! I'll take a 9-iron!"
  3. "Drums Along The Mohawk"
  4. "Rosy"
  5. Brother Bill.
  6. Brother Mike.
  7. Puna Gridlock.

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Hi, Annie! Alo-o-o-ha!

This is kind of hurried, but maybe you'll find it entertaining. It's the Web's link to the land of Cesaletti roots.

Also for you, Annie, Al's ship, The Adventuress..

I have to thank my son, Eli., for giving me the inspiration to do this.

Visit John Kohnen's home page. John is a significant mentor of mine.