Eugene Free community Network
Virtual Host Service

Virtual Host Service allows you to have:

  1. Your own unique URL for your World Wide Web site:

  2. Your own email address.
    people will send email to:

This service allows you to have your own unique presence on the World Wide Web without the expense of setting up your own web server.

You get email aliases for up to three names in addition to, and, which are are mandatory aliases. is a valid email address from anywhere in the world. Additional aliases can be created for $25 per additional five or fraction of five addresses.

In order to take immediate advantage of this service, you must have previously registered your own domain name with the InterNIC. If you don't already have a domain name registered, OPN will process your request to the InterNIC, establishing you as the administrative and billing contact for your domain.

The InterNIC charges $100 to register a domain name, which will secure this name for you for the next two years. It can take several weeks to process new domain requests at the InterNIC.

An initial investment investment of $50 is required to set up your virtual host service. The first month of service is included in this amount.

$10 per month is required to maintain virtual host service for your site.

Currently, there are no additional fees for traffic to your virtual host site. This can change to recover costs of additional equipment should the need arise to meet demand.

Virtual Host Service requires a business or nonprofit account on EFN, subject to the normal fees for that particular service.

To get started, establishing your virtual host site on EFN, we need the following information: Name: ______________________________________________________________________ NIC handle (if you already have one): ______________________________________ Business/Organization name: ________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________________________ City:__________________________________State:_________Zip:_________ Phone number: _____________________ E-mail address: _________________________ Proposed domain name: _____________________________________________________ Is this domain name currently registered with the InterNIC? _________________________ If so, who is providing name service at this time? _________________________ Additional email aliases requested: (format: > ________________________________________ Current location on the efn system of your web pages, if applicable: ______________________________ A brief statement of the purpose of your business or organization (for example: Foo Inc. manufactures quality widgets in Eugene Oregon for export to Lower Slobbovia.): ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ We will notify you by email when your virtual host address is established on EFN. It can take as many as 96 hours for the new domain to propagate out onto the Internet so that anyone in the world will be properly routed to your domain. If you have further questions, send email to How to get your domain name registered with the InterNIC 1. Verify that the name you'd like to use is a currently unregistered name. You can use "whois -h" from the EFN UNIX prompt (garcia%) to find out if it is registered with the NIC. Be sure to use the "-h rs.internic. net" or you'll query the completely out-of-date by default. 2. OPN will prepare the InterNIC form requesting your domain. We will arrange for primary and secondary name service for you. If you already have a NIC handle, provide this to us. If not, simply provide the information requested on the reverse side of this form. If you need to establish a separate billing contact for your domain, please provide the same information for that individual as for the administrative contact (the default contact for billing role.) 3. OPN will only process applications for .com and .org domain names. .com domains are for commercial activities, .org for non-profit or service organizations. 4. Information on InterNIC policies and procedures are available from: 5. Eventually the listed billing/administrative contact will be billed by the InterNIC $100 for the initial domain registration covering the first two years, and $50 per year after that. A word on email aliases: Email aliases allow you to link your domain name to another email account. For example, if several of your organization's associates have accounts on EFN, a second valid email address ( as well as the address can be created to provide a unique email domain for your organization. We can extend this to an account on another system (, or, or, for example, could receive email for virtually hosted on EFN.). Five email addresses are included in the cost of the initial setup of the virtual domain. Two of those addresses are reserved for the postmaster and webmaster of the domain. You must request the additional three aliases at the time you set up your virtual domain to receive these aliases as part of the initial setup. If you need additional names, we charge $25 for every five or fraction of five additional names. These fees are for the setup and or change to email aliases. There is no monthly fee to maintain email aliases. v 1.1 by gfrazier, last modified 3 Apr 98.