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>Dear Gizzie,
>>I just have to ask,
>>what exactly is a "squidge moment?"

         OK, I'm gonna try to be delicate here.....a "squidge moment"
is the exact time that squidging occurs.  What is "squidge"??...
  Verb: 1) the involuntary physiological action that occurs when a
female Earthling or Gizatronian visually beholds, or mentally
invisions, a psycho-sexual stimuli (such as a certain FBI agent, ala "W
of the C", in Levis, bare foot, and barechested) 2) a "wide-on"-- the
female equivalent of "getting a woody"

    Noun: 1)the tangible "by-product" of such action  2) female "cum"

  Sidebar: An abundance of squidging  may result in one sliding from
ones computer chair.  Also, squidge stains are nigh on impossible to
wash out of brocade, flocking, and similar couch upholstery, we
therefore suggest that female Philes sit on a towel while viewing
X-Files, or DD appearances on Letterman, and the like.

'd I do?????


>> Yeah, and come to think of it, why doesn't Scully ever get to drive?
>Because short people NEVER get to drive!!!

               Yeah, well, *I* have a short car, so there......


                      (don't drink and post)

>DD has been quoted at least twice now saying that Brando is sort of >his acting "muse." Brando: "SSTTTTEEEEEEELLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!" Duchovny: "SSCCCCUUUUUUUUUULLLLLLYYYYYYYYY !!!!" NOW it makes PERFECT sense !! xxxxxxxxGGGIIIIIIIZZZZZZZIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEExxxxxxxx

>>How do you convert all the garble that people post up into pictures,
>>like people post scully1.jpg and it has all this letter and number
>>gunk and I have no idea what to do with it.  Could some one please
>>help me I would be in your debt.

             First off, you need a bottle of Captains Morgan's Spiced
Rum, and a 2 liter bottle of Coke.  Use a 6oz "rocks" glass, fill 3/4
full of Coke, top off with the Captain, swill down quickly...repeat...
 Change the proportions to 1/2 and 1/2...burp...repeat.  At this point,
the binary encoding should be starting to take shape.  If you can still
see your glass, now fill 3/4 with the Captain, and add a splash of
Coke....repeat.  Burp (careful..this could be a wet one)

            Round about now, you should be able to  see most anything
you desire in the binaries.

               (visions also occur with Plum Wine, but you get a NASTY
headache, and your mouth tastes like socks the next day)

>How do you know what the title each show is?

             I always found the titles HERE, several weeks in
advance...cos people in this neighborhood KNOW stuff...they just DO...


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