There are currently 12 of us in COG1, but we number nearly 40 between the 4 groups... many of the members of COGs 1,2,3 & 4 meet regularly in our own IRC chat room so the lines between us are starting to blur. This page is about COG1, the Secret Agents.

We count among us 5 moms (& one step-grandma), 3 librarians (1 music, 1 general, 1 medical), a banker, 4 students (including a PhD candidate), a critical care nurse, a psychiatric social-worker, a dept. store regional manager, a senior secretary, a former forensic investigator (what X-Phile gathering would be complete without one?!), a medievalist, a private small game conservator (well, that's what *she* calls herself), a former member of MENSA, writers & editors, poets, musicians, artist/theater types. We ring the east coast from Miami north to North Carolina, Virginia, Boston, Pennsylvania, Binghamton, Buffalo, Nova Scotia, & west to Columbia, MO, and Pulman, Washington. We range in age from 26-45.

Read more about us as individuals below, and visit our Creative Works page, where we share with the world our poetry, etc. about the Great Giz.

Individual Accomplishments

Jen -- Goddess of One-Liners and Transcription

" own shoes have scarred the walk I've taken." -- John Ashbery, "Token Resistance"

If you've ever been intrinsically dissatisfied with your lot in life but lacked the ambition to do anything about it, then you have a good fix on what I'm like as a human. I like to think I've got a decent personality and a clever disposition, but I've been wrong before. I have friends, as evidenced by my participation in this "cultish" e-mail collective, and by the relatively large number of people who occasionally (and for no apparent reason) tell me they'd miss me if I left, but I'm something of a loner by nature. (For instance, I recently spent an evening alone at home making a sad attempt at reading Baudelaire in his original French...and I don't speak French.) I'm twenty-seven years old, I work in the English department at UMC, live with two psychotic cats, dote on my best friend's eight-month old son, and have a tendency, at random moments, to quote obscure lines from old movies. I've also been known to toss out a Mulderism or two, provided my audience is made up of people who've never watched The X-Files. My interests are strictly eclectic--I can just as easily be found reading John Ashbery's poetry as giggling madly during a Mel Brooks movie. I am progressing well through a New Year's resolution to see a new movie every weekend of the year, I'm slowly slogging through Pinsky's translation of Dante's Inferno, and I find a disquieting satisfaction in debating the finer points of plot issues in The X-Files with the other COG1 goddesses, especially Rebecca and Bones, who keep me on my toes.

Stacy -- Goddess of Unorthodoxy

I am 27, single, never been married, and live in Buffalo, New York (home of wings, beef on weck, and the Buffalo Bills). I'm technically a librarian, but don't have a library job right now (see below). I have a wonderful boyfriend named Russ (who is also a librarian). We are now living together, and it is wonderful!

I have a BS in Psychology from York College of Pennsylvania, and my MLS from the University at Buffalo. I just got a full-time job at the School of Management at UB. I am now Instructional Support Technologist. I am in charge of the Web site and the computer lab, and I'm the one who tries to get the professors to actually use the resources we've developed for them.

I love to read, watch the X-Files, and escape the city to be with nature when I have the chance. I love cats, but don't have any right now. They're a bit more work than I want to deal with right now.

I have two older sisters, two nieces, one nephew, and one unknown on the way (webaster's note: His name is Ben... and Stacy has links on her web page).

Bones -- Goddess of the Underworld

Hello, world. I'll begin like Dickens: "I am born." (Well, they do say "begin at the beginning.") In case you'd like to send gifts - and goddesses loooove gifts - I was born on September 5th, 1964 in a small igloo on the shores of Halifax Harbour. (Okay, so it was a hospital in the downtown core - sue me.) My parents had to travel by snowshoe and dogsled to reach the travelling doctor who was flown in from civilization once every 6 months. (Okay, so they took a taxi and the doctor was only on his coffee break.) It was a difficult birth. (Okay, so my mother was smoking cigars, swearing and drinking whiskey within 10 minutes of popping the puppy. We're talking about a goddess here. Myth is important.) Anyway, much later, I grew up to become a lovely, winsome, witty, extraordinarily talented Health Sciences Librarian with a penchant for hairy-chested men. I am divorced, love Blackadder, Due South and mystery novels. I have what Librarians euphemistically call a 1st Masters in Forensic Anthropology, a graduate degree in Journalism and a Bachelor's degree with a double major in Anthropology & Classics. I've worked as a Medical Investigator doing death investigation in Seattle and I've worked in my native Nova Scotia, Ontario, Washington State and Virginia as an archaeologist.

I love to travel, to learn, and my favourite authors are Patricia Cornwell and Elizabeth George. I am a classic over-achiever. I change my hair colour like some people change their socks (currently, it's red in honour of the goddess Scully). I have two cats whose birthday is the day after mine. I have lived in Toronto, Seattle, and Richmond, VA. My favourite place is Williamsburg, VA (aside from my home town of Halifax, of course). I love to burn incense and drink espresso. I am of mixed Acadian and British ancestry (my mother is French, my father English) -- a true Canadian mutt. I have very quickly become addicted to the COG mail I get every day.

Cara -- Goddess of the Muses and Outer Space


I'm 28, and a few years ago I left my managerial job to finish my undergrad degree. I'm currently a double major in Psych and English & General Lit (and contemplating what to minor in) at SUNY Binghamton in upstate New York.

Like the rest of COG-1 I love animals, and this led me to become a vegetarian 10 years ago. Cats and horses are my favorites I guess, and big dogs (not those small yappy ones! ;) ) In the photo section Bex has put up some pix of my cat Katarina - the most imperious feline you'll ever lay eyes on, Giz love her! ;D

Okay, what else about me is interesting?.. wow, this *is* a resume! ;) Hmmm ... Talents include expounding on anything scientific, as long as there's not too much math involved; building things (specialty: improvising with string and rubberbands); fixing things (note to myself: when working underneath an 11-year-old car whose underside is rusty, wear goggles!) ; writing, especially poetry (I've won some awards). My most obvious talent, however, is being a wise-ass, with which *all* of you are by now familiar. Hobbies include Science Fiction (reading and writing), music, and obsessable TV like The X-Files.

Rebecca -- Goddess of PINE

I'm a music librarian now working in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where I'm enjoying the food (Milwaukee is an eating town... and Lisa of COG3, who lives about 4 blocks from me, and I have been exploring new restaurants on a regular basis) and the museums and concerts as well as my job at the Golda Meir Librar at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. I came here in Jan '98 from East Carolina University in Greenville, NC...Being a native northwesterner, born in Eugene, OR, 8 years in No. Cal and 2 1/2 years in Seattle, the south was a little hard to handle. But when you want to be a music librarian you take the job wherever it is... (that also explains why I'm writing from the Eugene Freenet for those of you nosy enough to wonder ). I am a bassoonist and singer and will perform anything pre-1750 or so that you put in front of me, but especially the music of Hildegard von Bingen and other medieval music. But since the bassoon as we know it didn't exist much before 1750, I also perform music from after that time...

I read constantly (when I'm not online stealing .gifs and emailing with my fellow COGs or my family-- every member of my immediate family is connected). Scifi favorites are Orson Scott Card and Neil Stephenson, contemporary American fiction, especially Tom Robbins, John Irving, Ann Tyler, and Barbara Kinsolver. I also read way too many magazines about computers and contemporary society (I'm starting to resemble what they write about the likes of me, and that scares me !)

Jackie, aka Jax -- Goddess of NSAIDs & Sushi and member of the Council of Elders

Hi! My name is Jackie & I'm a registered nurse recently transplanted from Boston to (gulp!) Oklahoma!!! I've been in the nursing field for (gulp, again!) over 25 yrs., most of which were spent in critical care. I am now in nursing management & administration. Like the sagacious old hag of the group, I tend to mouth off & spout what I think of as witticisms. WRONG.

I LOVE this group of girls, though. They're my life line. Period. Okay, enough glorifying you gals, on to me!

As I said, I am originally from Boston, MA & moved here to Oklahoma last November. I've been here since. I came here on the suggestion of other COG friends (there are more than one group. believe me!) who recognized the cowgirl in me, but unfortunately, there are only wanna be's here. I'm thinking of relocating myself once again to Colorado, but until I do, enough of that! Er, let's see, I did critical care for at least 17 years, then went into management & administration. Won several awards in both fields (e-mail me, I'll send 'em!), just absolutely LOVE nursing, and am a dynamite woman to boot (just ask my friends). I also love the x-files (or I wouldn't be here!), country music & dancing, animals (all breeds), Jimmy Buffet, sailing, power walking, Japanese cuisine (esp. sushi), LAUGHTER, and getting the chance to mouth off any time I can ( again, just ask my friends!).

Wondering what I'm gonna do with my life (Imm 46 & STILL havenmt figured it out!). If anyone out there has a clue, please let me know!

Nice to meet y'all. I'm the nicest one of the bunch ( but don't ask my friends.).

Miriam -- Femme des Lapins

A little about me. I am a native Miamian, which is a rarity, since most folks here are aliens. My parents are Cuban so I speak, read and write fluent Spanish. I also speak and read some Portuguese and French, which is not unusual since this is an ethnically diverse city. I work full-time in the Operations Area, specifically Letters of Credit & funds transfer, at Citizens Bank, Ltd., a Jamaican bank with an agency here. Plus, I am working on my A.S. in Banking & Financing. My mission thereafter is to go to Florida Int'l Univ. for a degree in MIS or Computer Science.

I do environmental restoration work at Cape Florida in Key Biscayne, a barrier island, hence the subject of my term paper. I am also, in a very small way, involved with Rabbit Rescue. I own two bunnies, Moka and Chloe plus two hamsters, Eightball and Fatty. In my spare time (therefore not presently) I hike, botanize (no expert yet), do sports, read, surf the Net, and go to the movies. My goal this year is to go canoeing.

Peggie -- Goddess of Fertility

Born in '59, I am one of the moms of the group. I have been married since '84 and have three children. Graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in '84 (yeah, a late bloomer) with a BFA in Theatre Arts. Now, *that* is a major worth $10,000 in student loans. I am a full time day care provider, work part time as an accounts receivable clerk in an orthodontist's office and administer standardized tests such as the Graduate Records Exam and the National Teacher's Exam (now called Praxis) on some Saturdays. I serve on the Boards of the PTA and the local Athletic Association. I'm involved in children's athletics as a team mom, assistant coach and organizer. I volunteer at elementary school in the Publishing Center, helping students write, illustrate and bind their own books. I teach religious education (2nd grade) at our church. Turn ons: X-Files, word puzzles, reading, inertia. Turn offs: house cleaning, cooking, sitcoms. My hobbies include sitting, sleeping and complaining. I enjoy my inclusion in the Cult of xxxxxgizziexxxxx because I truly appreciate a dry wit, cyber-pals *and* lunchmeat.

Barb -- Goddess of Entropy and member of the Council of Elders

Hi, I'm Barbara Gibbs, also known as Barb, BGibbs, and just b. I've always like the X-Files and became even more obsessed after joining Then all these posts from someone signing herself xxxxxxxgizziexxxxxxx caught my eye and soon I was racing through the messages searching for anything she'd written. When some people were so ill-advised as to question Gizzie and her motives I was compelled to defend her. It was only a small step from that point to applying for admission to the COG.

I'm a long-time UFO and paranormal phenomenon believer, married to a great man (Jerry) who puts up with my nonsense. His 3 children are grown, two of them are married and are responsible for four grandchildren ranging in age from 13 to 3 months. I have one daughter starting college in the fall, 12 cats, 2 dogs, 9 goldfish, 3 koi, 7 water turtles and 1 snapping turtle. The alligator left before I had to remove him, but not before he ate a few goldfish. I live on 5 acres in a *very* small town in Florida and would like to have a bird, some chickens, a goat, and a peacock or two, but I'm not sure my marriage would survive.

Before I became conservator of my own animal park I worked in office administration for over 20 years (that's hifalutin' talk for a secretary and general dogsbody). I've helped Jerry start two businesses, one of which is still providing us with enough to live on (the other nearly killed us in taxes). I lean to the liberal where politics are concerned and to the non-traditional in matters of religion, and to the dry, wry, and twisted in the realm of humor. Long live Gizzie!

Crystal (X-Tal) -- Goddess of Histrionics

I am another one of those mature achievers -- working on my Ph. D. in American Studies at Washington State University. Another degree with unlimited income potential !!! (At lease for the student loan folks). I hope that I will be done with this school thing before 40. WSU is in Pullman, Washington. On the dry side of the state about 8 miles from the Idaho border. About halfway between Oregon & Canada. I have one husband, one child (12), three dogs (the Ed bros. Fred, Ted, & Red) One rat- Badger -- let's all bow our heads for a moment of silence in honor of Badger, who recently passed on and joined his friend (another recently deceased:(), two chickens Thelma & Louise, and One trantula, Demon.


xxxgizziexxx of course, though I suppose that's a tad narcisistic.

Nick Pedecini, for offering up the "Top 10 Signs that Gizzie is Taking over the News Group."

Holgate Lost Boy, a.k.a. Mark Norton, for his irreverance which almost approaches that of the Great giz.

The Odd One Out
The name kinda gives it away doesn't it, I'm a guy, a Y chromosome. Full name Mark Robert Norton a.k.a. Holgate Lost Boy, from time to time you might find me wandering aimlessly through a.t.x-f. If I look a little lost, please send me home. Home being Middlesbrough, a small industrial town in the North East of England (Pop. approx 150,000).

I was born in Parkside Maternity Hospital on September 22nd, 1976 to proud parents (as I keep reminding them) Robert and Christine Norton. Who could have guessed that 20 years and 12 days later (October 4th) I would be enrolling at the University of Teesside to start a BSc Computer Science degree? Not me apparently, as a child I wanted to be a train driver.

In case you ever find yourself in Middlesbrough, may I recommend a few points of interest. The Cellnet Riverside Stadium, home of the mighty Middlesbrough Football Club (I'm in the North Stand, row 15, seat 26 if you want to look me up) There's a really nice pub called "The Fly n' Firkin' on Boro Road (directly opposite the university, that'll come in handy) which is definitely worth a visit, it's a bit like 'Cheers' but with real beer. There's also a 16 screen cinema nearby (which I also frequent). Football, beer and movies, I wonder if that's why I'm single? Nah.

That's about it for me really except to say that I'm a big X-Files fan (off to the MancheXter convention next year) and although I do stick up for Ratboy I'm really a nice person once you get to know me.

Jackie, aka Jack -- Goddess of Brass Knuckles

I'm 35, and a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University with a BA in Humanities and a Business Management option. The business part was to placate my father who said "exactly what the hell does someone with a Humanities degree DO?"

After living in Lancaster, Pennsylvania for about seven years, and loving every minute of it, I moved to Scranton when I accepted a position as an Information Systems manager for a small retail operation that mercifully is no longer in business. That place was a big nightmare, and I'm glad to be out of there. I am currently an Area Sales Manager for Kaufmann's, a division of May Department Stores. I'll admit it, I really enjoy what I do. The job is challenging, the people are great and no two days are ever the same. (Boy, is that an understatement!) I also have the pleasure of workin for Nick Pedicini, (I think some of you may be vaguely acquainted with him). Nick's a great boss, but if you tell him that, in the best X-file tradition, I will deny everything. The CONwomen out there have already done enough for his ego.

In my spare time, I enjoy golf (well, everyone needs one nerve shattering diversion), outdoor photography, and of course hanging out on the 'net.

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