Cover of the book I see America spreading disaster.
I see America
as a black curse upon the world.

--Henry Miller


Discovering America
As It Is

by Valdas Anelauskas



My Journey to the Land of Misery and Plutocracy

Chapter I

The Best System the Moneyed Can Buy

Chapter II

The Tears of the Poor

Chapter III

Lives That End At Birth

Chapter IV

The Destruction of Family Values

Chapter V

The Sorry State of Education

Chapter VI

Third World Housing in First World America

Chapter VII

Desperate People Do Desperate Things

Chapter VIII

Socialism for the Rich

Chapter IX

The Sinking of American Labor

Chapter X

Ending Welfare, Keeping Poverty

Chapter XI

Workfare: Arbeit Macht Frei

Chapter XII

Oppressed Minds

Chapter XIII

The New World Order Takes Shape


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