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Established in Atlanta in 1984 as a completely independent non-sectarian publisher of quality titles on political, socio-economic and minority issues, Clarity Press, Inc. has achieved a reputation of substance as a human rights publisher. Devoted to those ideas and trends which mark the efforts of the world's oppressed peoples to progress toward a better, happier and more equitable life, Clarity titles often ride the cutting edge of global issues. Clarity is committed to international-legal standards on human rights issues, seeing in international human rights law a unique combination of positive law and universal ideals which serve to promote, guide and legitimate the efforts of groups and peoples worldwide on behalf of political freedom, and economic and social justice.

The west has typically restricted its human rights concerns to the civil and political rights of individuals. However, collective rights -- such as workers rights, minorities and peoples' rights to appropriate degrees of autonomy/self-determination, the right to development -- or economic and social rights to healthcare, education, shelter, a clean environment, etc. -- have not only been less understood and recognized as necessary for human-centered development -- but also have actively been campaigned against by powerful global actors. The position of international human rights law is clear. Collective rights are necessary to the full fruition and successful achievement of individual rights; economic and social rights are indispensable to enjoyment of civil and political rights. Clarity titles seek to direct much-needed attention to issues which clearly demonstrate the need for these neglected dimensions of the human rights paradigm.

Clarity has reflected and engaged a wide diversity of human rights constituencies, both national and international, secular and religious, academic, institutional and activist. We hope to promote greater flexibility and confluence among groups engaged in the struggle for positive social change, since they share so many goals -- the alleviation of poverty, discrimination, and oppression -- in common. We view this as a necessary path to success, given the strength and power of global forces intent on deepening the gaps between rich and poor, and further entrenching the inequities of the global system.

Clarity titles have received support from donors such as the European Human Rights Foundation in Brussels, the National Council of Churches of Christ (NCCC-USA) in New York, and the SAAR Foundation of the International Institute for Islamic Thought in Herndon, Virginia. They have won major human rights awards, been well-reviewed in mainstream and alternative journals, and been endorsed by respected scholars and thinkers in their areas. They have appeared on course lists of universities and colleges in all regions of America. Several of our titles have formed a theoretical cornerstone introducing international activist movements on behalf of oppressed peoples.

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