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This is the official E-MU website. You will be taken
directly to the MPS legacy support page where you
may download the original factory presets and a
PDF reproduction of the
Proteus MPS Manual.

EPR Electronics is E-MU's choice as the official authorized legacy gear
parts and repair service center. Here you can get your MPS repaired,
or perhaps obtain replacement parts and supplies.

This platform independent, open-source java
application claims support for the Proteus MPS as a
patch/bank librarian and patch editor.

A valuable resource for synth users everywhere,
Nigel Spencer's SynthZone should be one of the first stops
when looking for information for any piece of gear, E-MU included. 2007 is SynthZone's 12th year online!!

Greytsounds offers two patch banks for the MPS. Acoustic/Synth Collection
and Classic Synths/FM EMUlations. I have no idea the quality or reliability
of this site or their patches. This is not an endorsement.

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