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I moved the forum to a new domain so if you had it bookmarked you will have to edit the saved bookmark's address or re-bookmark it. A while back I had to place an access password on
the forums in order to combat the 100+ posts a day by spambots. It's really unfortunate people unleash those things on the internet but they must get some kind of profit from it or they wouldn't bother. The access password is easily found on the forum itself, just read the relevant post in the News & Announcements room at the forum itself. Once you enter the password the forum will leave a cookie on your computer (if allowed) and you won't have to enter it again so long as that cookie remains. If you previously had entered it you will have to do so again since the domain the forum is on has changed.


As should be evident, I spent the last weekend re-designing the site. I decided it was time to let go of the simple one-page design that has been the MPS Resource Center's trademark one-page design. I like this better, I hope you all do as well.I acquired a new web counter service since the previous one seems to have disappeared. I'm pretty sure the last hit count I saw was over ten thousand, but I set it back to 8000 because I just can't quite remember where it was at when the counter service died.

Nigel Spencer has updated the SynthZone link to this site. After five years, the link no longer lists this as "a new site looking for contributions". The MPS Resource Center is no longer new, but I am always glad to receive member contributions.

Great news from Jesse Wolfe! He has clued me in to a java application called JsynthLib which supports the MPS as a patch librarian, a bank librarian, and even patch editing! Even better, it's open source. See the links page to visit the JsynthLib site.

Legacy News

The MPS Discussion Center forum is back online! I have
located a new web server that supports PERL, which is
required for the forum application. The previous host,
Aerohostale, disappeared without a trace last summer,
taking all my files with it. As a result I have had to revert
to a backup from 2004, losing all messages since then.
It is truly a sad loss, but at least the forum is back now!

I have updated the FAQ with new information submitted
by Spencer Lerner, who has found a source for MPS/MPS+
power supplies. Thank you Spencer!


I'd like to find a different server for this site so the forum can be
reactivated. The current server seems to have removed its support
for PEARL, the scripting language the forum runs under.
Unfortunately this server is free which is the only reason I
can current "afford" to host this site.


The forum has been updated once again, and there is more information in the
News & Announcements section. I added a scan from an E-MU brochure
promoting the MPS+ which you can see by scrolling down this page.

Once the forum appears to be more popular I will stop posting news
here and will use the forum's News & Announcements section exclusively
for that purpose.

The MPS Discussion Center is now open! I would encourage visitors
to use it as a guest book as well as it's main purpose of being a general forum of
discussion and contact regarding the MPS & MPS+.
I am very excited to be able to have set this up.

In a minor note the FAQ has been updated and edited a small bit.

It is possible all further news and such will appear in the forum.

I've received some great contributions recently and am thrilled to be able to present them to you.

First, as you can see further down the page there is a great picture of the original MPS.
I myself had never seen one until this picture was sent in, all thanks to Wayne Bartles.
A BIG thank you to Wayne for his contribution.

Next we have a very exciting and special gift. The MPS Resource Center is honored to present to you two
new patch banks from O.K. Johnson. These are raw sysex dumps so make sure you've backed up your RAM
and your CARD banks before sending these into your sound-starved MPS. One is a general MIDI bank, and one
is titled Fresh. Once again a HUGE thank you to O.K. Johnson for sharing these with all of us.

Lastly I have hypertextualized an old review I found on Usenet years ago. It was a write-up by someone
on the inside at E-MU shortly before the MPS was released, and is quite interesting. You'll find it
in the same section as the FAQ, just below.

(c) 2002-2007 Kevin Saturna