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If you would like to contribute patches, patch banks, software or modules for software for editing, tips, tricks, any photos of any MPS
or MPS+, or anything else yo
u've got please contact me at

MPS Pre-Release Review from October of 1991: Sneak Pre-Review
MPS Description

A Nice Photo of the original MPS sent in by Wayne Bartles. Thanks Wayne!!



User-Contributed Presets A set of original presets by O.K. Johnson (zipped) General MIDI presets by O.K. Johnson (zipped)

The presets can be installed using any utility that can send bulk sysex data.
E-MU no longer distributes a bulk sysex utility from their web site, but
any MIDI utility that can send and receive SysEx dumps should work.

For Mac users, I recommend SysEx Librarian 1.1. It's freeware and it works
wonderfully. After unzipping these files, simply drag them into the SysEx
Librarian's main window and send whichever one you'd like to load. Don't
forget to backup any patches already on your board before you load in others,
as sending these presets to the MPS will overwrite anything in the RAM banks.

Windows users - I don't know of any software for this, but I'm sure there is
some available. Please let me know ( the name and perhaps
a link if you know of a reliable Windows SysEx application.

Tip: If you are just looking for the factory RAM presets for your MPS+/Orchestral, just
copy bank 400-499 to the RAM bank 100-199. The factory RAM is nothing more
than a duplicate of that bank.

(c) 2002-2008 Kevin Saturna