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Kevin Saturna LIVE!
Shannon Lipton Art Show Opening
June 18, 2004
Museum of Unfine Art

Eugene, OR

Kevin Saturna
Col. Angus
Featuring the Magnificent
Amblin and Morgan

July 1st, 2004
Black Forest

Eugene, OR
Kevin Saturna
July 10/11, 2004

Shady Grove
Oregon Country Fair



Life Goes On (4-16-05)
...with or without my music. You can
stream or download 8 different tracks
of mine for free from
Just click on the logo below.

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Chart News (7-5-04)
I'm proud to announce the following songs and
their respective positions on the First Internet
Music Charts. This represents the top positions
reached so far.

Jungle Jive - #32 (Electronica)
Letting Go Of Me - #89 (Alternative)

June 14, 2004

I'm proud to see my electronica track "Jungle Jive"
has reached #32 on the First Internet Music Charts
in the electronic music genre. I've never been in the
charts before. :) Thanks for your support!
I've got downloadable music at SoundClick, GarageBand
and SongRamp. I'll get the links posted soon. This coming
friday is the opening show for Eugene artist Shannon Lipton.
I will be performing at the opening party which should start
around 8:00pm.
SoundClick Now!

December 17, 2003

MP3.COM is no more. It was swallowed up by some
corporate beast or another. Until I locate a suitable
new host for my music I'm afraid there will be no
on-line source for any of it.

April 19, 2003

A sincere thank you to all who attended the April 8th and April 16th
shows. It was great to see you all there. There's more events on the way
so stay tuned if you're interested. News is always posted here as soon as it is
available. The stage and lighting setup is in a state of ongoing evolution and
naturally the music always has been as well, so look forward to more and better
things on the not-so-distant horizon.

February 7, 2003
Despite raging tinnitus and mental breakdown
there are rumors of new writings and recordings.
After a three months of introspection there is still
a lot of fogginess, but one thing is clear - As long
as Kevin Saturna lives music will be made.

October 7, 2002
Apple giveth, and Apple taketh away.

Apple Computer, Inc. has discontinued the free
iDisk program they have up until now provided
with all Mac users. As a result, my MP3 files
are no longer available for download.

A solution is being sought.

October 6, 2002
It's that time of the year again. The weather is getting
colder, the leaves are starting to change color, and we
are just a few short weeks away from my absolute
favourite time of the year - HALLOWEEN! The annual
party sponsored by R&G Leather is ON and those
of you lucky enough to attend are in for some ghoulishly
grande tricks and treat this year! Stay tuned...

September 20, 2002
Thanks to everyone who came to the Sept. 5th show
at the Samurai Duck. Another big thank you to Matt
Kale and Roy Simms for their work creating the killer
stage set and helping run the light show. Unfortunately
no photographs of this performance were snapped, but
a complete video was taped. If you would like a copy,
send me an e-mail and it can be arranged.

August 17, 2002
The Tiny's Tavern show has come and gone.
A huge thank you to all who came to see my
performance - I really appreciate it.
A big thank you to Marty and Tiny's Tavern
for making this show possible. The performance
was recorded and thanks to Matt Kale photos were
taken as well.

Photos of Kevin Saturna Live @ Tiny's Tavern

August 14, 2002
A bizarre sequence of events led to
Brett Estep and myself collaborating on what I can
only describe as Instant Music. We initially were
providing the music for Super 8 Night, but
the film began to burn up and as a result, it
became just the two of us. A shout out to Adam for
his help and support and of course Lance for all
his work running these Super 8 Nights every month.
We had a lot of fun and look forward to
playing again at Eugene's one
and only Downtown Lounge.

Kevin, Brett and Michelle Relax After the Show

Photo by Russ Harrell


August 5, 2002
I have uploaded a new track for your downloading and
listening pleasure. Although you never know quite to expect
with me, this has a much more familiar Kevin-esque feel
as compared to Jungle Jive. The track is called

Letting Go of Me <see update Oct. 7>

I think of the music more as a frame around the writing
on this one, which turned out to have dual meaning of sorts.

Where are all the old favourites? I'm very excited that I can now
offer some MP3's to you, but the space is very limited. Some people
like the heavy emotional piano/orchestral/vocal stuff, some people
like the jazz and blues stuff, some people like the long and bizarre
psychedelic keyboard oddyssey stuff, some people dig the newer
electronica stuff, some people dig the classical arrangements and
harpsichord-based pieces.... And I don't know who will like
some of this very new material like Letting Go of Me.. So
with the capacity to have maybe five songs at a time on here
it is a very tough choice.

I'm really debating what to do with the last 10 years worth
of recordings especially in light of the new things I am able to do.
Since I am the only one involved everything takes more time than I would
like. Playing with a couple of gigging bands eats up a lot of
time and energy too. But alas, after so very many years of
working so hard on getting all this music in my head I'm
certainly not going to give up now.

August 4, 2002
The Sam Bond's show with Merciful Maneuver went
well tonight. Our drummer didn't get to come
along but I think the show felt really good for everyone.
We opened for the Band Inner which is the latest and
greatest project by Jennifer Turner, former guitarist
for 10,000 Maniac's Natalie Merchant.
They played some great music from the heart, some of it
quite moving, some of it quite grooving. They are not only
a great band, but great people as well. Hopefully our
paths will cross yet again in the future. Jennifer joined
us on stage for a few numbers and it sounded great!

I especially want to thank Inner's talented backing
vocalist and Moog/Rhodes/Bass player
Erica for be so kind as to take a nice round of
photos of Merciful Maneuver.

Look for photos of this Merciful Maneuver show here soon.

August 3, 2002
The Old Peak Jam! What an incredible time. I'll have
a few pics of this soon. The Old Peak Jam has got to
be one of the most amazing festivals of the summer.
I heard some of the best jams of my life and am still

stunned by the experience. Thanks to Brett Estep, a featured
favourite at the OPJ, I even got to play for awhile on Friday
night. What an incredible time!

(older news removed 03-27-2003)

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