October 13, 1975 - October 13, 2000

'Our children are our future, but their well-being IN OUR SOCIETY continues to decline.

The health and safety of our children is EVERYONE'S RESPONSIBILITY.

PLEASE help ensure healthy, safe children in our community by taking action as an individual, group, or business.'
(c) 1991 by Paul McLaughlin - child abuse speech
at North Eugene High School in Eugene, Oregon.



The purpose of this web site, which began after Paul McLaughlin got his first computer in 1994, is to show what one handicapped survivor has done in the community for the  prevention and awareness of child abuse.   Paul's goal is not to be a victim, not to abuse self,  and not to abuse the community by negative revenge, but to speak out about child abuse and also to work in the communities to heal himself and to educate people about  the ‘before/during/after' effects of abuse.

Tell your story and also work to save our children in your community.  Child abuse or any abuse will continue as long we don't talk about it and don't work  to 'help stop child abuse.'

Paul McLaughlin 
has limited knowledge on many topics of child abuse,
laws, and children's services.
During Paul's speeches, radio programs, etc., experts from
children's services agencies are present to answer difficult questions.

He's the one who delivers hope.
Others have benefited from funds he has raised for child abuse programs.

S.C.A.N. is a voice on behalf of Pennsylvania, Washington, and Oregon's
children -- an advocate for children and families
in the legislature, in the media, and in local communities.

"I want to let people who were abused as children know that they have choices other than to continue to be victims or perpetrators."

Not only does he speak out against child abuse, but he also puts his and other survivors words into action in the community.

Because of his suffering, he did not abuse himself or the society by doing gangs, drugs, alcohol, or disrespecting his parents.

This web site celebrates the triumph of one man over a childhood during which he and his twin sister were tormented and severely abused for eighteen years.

As a precious little boy he came close to death twice, but Paul McLaughlin survived, and has been a tireless crusader for the rights of children and against child abuse since 1975.

He began his life's work in his home town of Donora, Pennsylvania. Today, he and his wife Liz live in Eugene, Oregon, where they continue to fight for the right of children everywhere to live free from fear and abuse.

Did you know...?

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month

Medical Report on Paul McLaughlin at age of 5 years old  
The clearinghouse is a national resource for professionals and others seeking information on child abuse and neglect and child welfare.

Stop Child Abuse Now          
A non-profit organization


Healing Through Art ... Art Through Healing

How a Handicapped Man Began His One man Campaign
Stop Child Abuse Now - 

Short History of Paul, and other stories
Stop Child Abuse Now - 

Register Guard News Paper About Paul in Eugene, Oregon
Stop Child Abuse Now - 

Liz McLaughlin     
Paul's wife gives her views on child abuse, and offers a tribute
to the memory of Thomas McLaughlin, Paul's brother.

Photos of Paul's family in Donora, Pennsylvania

Photos of Paul's Family and Photos of Paul's Twin Sister


Newspaper articles
- Eugene Register-Guard articles about Paul and people in the community.

Photos of Paul's Crusade
Worth more than words could ever express.

The Child Abuse Man                
- Paul's story as told by writer Eric Mortonson.
              Taken from the Eugene Register-Guard, Sunday, June 14, 1992

I Was Loved In The Midst Of Suffering
- Story about Paul in the 'Good News' Christian magazine - 
from Portland, Oregon - 1989

Mon Valley Independent Newspaper in Donora, Pennsylvania about Paul McLaughlin mission work

- One woman's advocacy against abuse. Holli, from
Minnesota, another survivor, shares her story.
Mint Green Ribbon, stories of abuse, statistics, poems, and much more. 

Please be advised that Paul McLaughlin has very limited use of the internet. This web page is maintained by a friend. His poor health (he now suffers from multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, epilepsy and Parkinson's disease) makes it too difficult to use a computer. He would still love to hear from you, however. He can be reached at his home address:

Paul Marvin McLaughlin

Liz Ann SEVEN McLaughlin
3220 Crescent Ave., #28.
Eugene, OR 97408
(New) Phone: (541) 683-0982

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Paul M. McLaughlin. 

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