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Protecting the Child
by Elizabeth SEVEN McLaughlin

Paul McLaughlin
have no knowledge on any topics of child abuse, laws, Children Services. During Paul's speeches, radio program, experts from Children Services Agencies are there to answer difficult questions.


Paul McLaughlin, the founder of Stop Child Abuse from Donora, Pennsylvania has celebrated it's 25th year.

A campaign since October 13, 1975 from Donora, Pennsylvania and to Portland, Eugene, Oregon.

A voice and fund-raising in behalf of Pennyslvania, Washington and Oregon children's. A advocate for children, families. In the legislature, media and in local communities.

Stop Child Abuse have in the past two decade aim to develop some new approaches to child protection which respond sensitively to children and reflects their needs, fears and concerns.

Child abuse can be prevented, but children who have already been abused still need protection. Often violence and abuse can start with something quite small and apparently insignificant.

The Stop Child Abuse Task Force in Lane County is improving its services to protect children with a host of new and expanded activities. These include (physical and virtual) young people's centres, services for adult, child advocacy, services for young abusers and child protection consultancy.


The Child in Society

The Stop Child Abuse Task Force want to encourage a climate in our society where children and those who nurture them have real value. In order for this to come about, the Stop Child Abuse Task Force believes there must be a change in fundamental values, attitudes and behaviour.


More Realistic

At present our culture undervalues children and therefore people are NOT willing enough to intervene to protect them. However, if we can help shift the values of our culture, this will help people develop a more realistic attitude towards children and ultimately help us prevent abuse.

If we engage the interest and support of mass communications, if we alert people to the needs of children, if we LOBBY on specific IMPORTANT ISSUES, we can change society's attitude towards children.

We can also help to persuade people that cruelty to children is unacceptable and can be stopped, by the use of research and long-term campaigns.


Children in the Community

We can only succeed in our campaign to end cruelty to children if every person in a local community takes responsibility for that community's children.

At present communities are planned and organised almost entirely from an adult perspective; there needs to be a radical rethink of how the communities and environments in which children live are organised.

Communities must start to listen to children and young people in order that the services that aim to protect them reflect their views and needs.

Testimonies from those who were abused as children indicate that support and mutual help based in the community is preferable to formal services and recent government policy has recognised that strengthening communities provides other more general benefits, such as improved public health, a reduced crime rate and economic regeneration.


Non Profit Resource Help in Lane County


A Tribute

Thomas A. McLaughlin
1947 - 1978

Paul spent most of his life with Tommy in Special Education.

A 31 year old Donora man is dead and his family and friends are still in shock as to what happened when a single bullet from a .22 caliber pistol took his life.

Thomas A McLaughlin was pronounced dead in the bedroom of his second story apartment at 9:40 AM.

Donora Police and the Washington County Coroner's Office are still investigating to learn what really happened.

McLaughlin, who was known throughout the Mon Valley area for his work in the Donora Boy's Brigade and who served years as a major in the United Boy's Brigade of America, died about 40 minutes after the initial call for help came.

The victim's father said he heard what sounded like a crack or thump. "It didn't sound like a gunshot but I went over to the bedroom door and called out to Tom and he didn't answer," said the father.

When McLaughlin didn't get a response after two calls, the father opened the bedroom door and found his son in a pool of blood. The bullet struck McLaughlin in the chest area.

McLaughlin had many friends. "He was always in a happy mood and so friendly," one neighbor said.

A Donora police spokesman said the investigation has not ruled on whether the gun went off accidentally while handling the weapon.

McLaughlin was born in North Carolina on March 2, 1947, and resided in Donora his entire life. He attended public schools and was a member of the First United Methodist Church of Donora.

Besides his parents, he is survived by two brothers, Charles W. McLaughlin of Donora, and Paul M. McLaughlin of Portland, Oregon; and two sisters, Mrs. James Walker of Charleston, South Carolina, and Mrs. Paula Gilmer of McKeesport, Pennsylvania.

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