Stop Child Abuse Now

He's the one who delivers hope.
Others have benefited from funds he has raised for child abuse programs.

S.C.A.N. is a voice on behalf of Pennsylvania, Washington, and Oregon's children. An advocate for children and families in the legislature, the media, and in local communities.

Stop Child Abuse Now is a nonprofit organization dedicated to stopping child abuse of all forms, and improving the lives of survivors of all types of abuse and loss. By speaking out about abuse, we increase the public's awareness of the prevalence of abuse.   Our voices break the silence which causes so much pain.   When we speak out, we help save the lives abused children, and we also help many adult survivors name the source of chaos in their lives.  Through awareness and education, survivors can

  • regain control over their lives
  • learn healthy assertiveness
  • learn to develop boundaries
  • prevent re-victimization
Our goal is to join with other organizations and individuals who wish to ultimately put a stop to child abuse!  We are speaking out for for the children who have no voice, who have no choice and who have no way of stopping the violence!  We are stepping stones to help, and we are trying to wake up the world!

From Our Founder

Something is killing our children.  It is much more widespread than AIDS, but not enough is being done about it.  Every two minutes a child becomes a prisoner of war, taken hostage not by some stranger down the street or from some enemy land, but by someone they know and love.  Home should be safe and secure, but sexual abuse is a secret crime with no witnesses!  Corporations have security guards, but family homes have nothing to protect the children inside!  Kids are screaming out the pain of their abuse in alternative high schools, juvenile homes and treatment centers using what I call "The Silent Scream For Help,".  Many are just forgotten.  Most victims repress some or all of their abuse, leaving them to feel like bad kids in a society that doesn't even care enough to help them.  Someone needs to listen!  I am willing to be that someone!!

Please listen to the children!   They need us to hear them and help them!  I was one of those children.  I know the terror and desperation of living with abuse.  I know the pain of being forgotten and alone, I will never forget......

About The Founder

Paul Marvin McLaughlin and his twin sister Paula were born on October 13, 1948 in Donora, Pennsylvania, and were systematically abused, neglected and terrorized for more than eighteen years.  Paul nearly died twice from the injuries he suffered as a result of this abuse.

Because of the effects of the abuse he suffered, Paul was placed in the Special Education track in Donara.  Paul graduated from Donora High School at the age of 21 in 1970.

Paul began his one-man child abuse advocacy campaign, "Help Stop Child Abuse Now," in 1975.  Paul started his campaign in Donora, and has continued his efforts on behalf of children in Portland and Eugene, Oregon.

Paul has told his story on seven talk-radio programs, a television commercial, in two magazine articles and many newspaper articles.  He has spoken at open forums in Washington and Oregon, side by side with those who specialize in child abuse and domestic family violence. He has volunteered and worked with other non profit organizations. He shows the people in many communities how to contact proper agencies for assistance for drug and alcohol abuse, homelessness, runaways, or physical abuse.

Many lives have been changed as the direct result of Paul's advocacy and his love of children. Let's all work together to Stop Child Abuse Now!

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