The "drug war" is wrong and bad. It is directly responsible for financing the rise of global terrorism. If we want to cut off funds to terrorists everywhere on the planet, the most direct and quickest method is to immediately legalize all "controlled substances". This would end the highly profitable drug business by turning it into a more normally profitable business managed by global corporations. Much as the idea of mass marketed addictive substances is repulsive to many of us, the reality of global terrorism is financed and maintained by the illegal status of drugs of abuse.

Here are some links that might be useful to you in learning more about the thoroughly evil scheme that the "war on drugs" seeks to enlarge:

This one goes to the Drug Reform Coordination Network and is a large site with lots of information. They publish a weekly newsletter that I find very informative which you can join at this web site.

Do you know the difference between dope and rope? Well, our government appears not to understand that there's difference between the marijuana plants that are grown for fiber and those that are grown to produce smoking material. The bulk of our federal marijuana eradication budget goes to wiping out non-intoxicating ditch weed (you can smoke the leaves, but you'll just get a headache) in the Midwest, plants descended from hemp farms back when folks grew hemp for rope. Hemp is an incredibly useful plant that is stupidly banned in "the home of the free". This web site focuses on hemp related political action.

Also found at the above site is this feature which I think is so useful it gets it's own link. This link will allow you to easily send e-mail to your federal legislators and even The Resident himself. But wait. it also lets you send faxes! For free!

And should your interest in drug reform be limited to a certain herb, here's the link to the National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws: