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My paper from Ignite Boston 2 on convergence of virtual worlds, social networks, and gaming communities is now available at the draft Indigenis homepage.

And I am here talking about Burma's Internet going dark for BoingBoingTV, based on my correspondence with Xeni and this Iconoclasm article on Burma.

Same talk as Ignite Boston but longer at Podcamp Boston in October, plus a talk on cluetrain marketing for web 3D/personal branding

Hat tip to Xeni for putting me on the front page of boing-boing (My blog article on Quechup is actually on and inducing me to put a quick update on this page for the first time since April 2004...! Something about cobbler's children comes to mind...

Some of the important things in my life: May 2003 Shava

My vitae is a little out of date. It goes back a ways. I've been a professional on the Internet since 1982. Does it make me a net.personality, if my NIC handle has no numbers on it? Twenty-five years last March!

Contrary to popular rumor, Helen, Queen of the Internet was not based on me (she's blonde, I'm a redhead, that proves it!), but you can still visit her at peter zale's website

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