Erisian Fields Cohousing, Lane County, OR

What in the world are we doing?

Well, in the beginning, this was a weird idea of mine that I wanted a community to be living in, with my love Tyler, and my son Joseph, by the time I turn 40 (that's 7/29/99). So I started "pinging" people and newsgroups, and even submitted a personal ad, to try to find local and other interested people in founding a community that would be: ...and I wanted to throw it to the winds and see what came back to me. And what's come back is an amazing collection of interesting people, who I might well want to live and work with.

And another idea that's come out of this is the idea to have a center, possibly associated with the University of Oregon, that was centered around issued of environmental law, science, information, research, conferencing, outreach, and so on.

We have some great people involved to do this. We are working with the county land use folks to figure how this could be accomplished. We are almost at the point of thinking about grant writing. We're still testing feasibilty.

Essentially, we're putting together a community of evangelical ecotopians, environmental professionals and crusaders, technopagans, netheads, and their families, and trying to make a great place to live -- and hopefully do some good in the world, by collective effort.

If this might interest you, then check out our mailing list! Or just write me with any questions you might have.

Right now, what've we really ACCOMPLISHED? Well, not much. Except I've gotten to talk to some really interesting kindred spirits -- what a great way to meet people when you come to a new community! I'm hoping the email list will generate ideas and a division of labor on this -- I can't and wouldn't want to do this by myself; it's a very silly thought!

For other interesting ideas about intentional community and co-housing, follow the links from the FIC's Intentional Communities Homepage, which is a wonderful resource.

I'll be posting further developments on this page!


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