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I'm a Pokémon

this is some new stuff

Joseph has his own email. If you want to get his address, please contact me.

Joseph's getting a bike for his 9.5 birthday. I just got mine fixed up, and we are going to go all over Portland.

I'm going to become a soccer mom this fall! Thanks, Joseph, I couldn't join this crucial demographic without you!

[remind me to post Joseph's wildlife biologist speech here!]

this is all very old stuff...

Joseph and I are played Pokémon together all through Kindergarden -- the card game, a lot like Magic the Gathering, with cute anime characters. It's amazing how fast he learned really really long complicated words, suddenly! He found his first real incentive to get facile with reading. And now, he's reading adult books. Recently he read Jack Chalkers Midnight at the Well of Souls -- now that's pretty grown up. Liked it, too.

Things are just different around the house since Tyler left us, but we are having some pretty big fun by ourselves. See the AHA! page for some oddments...

We are reading the first Harry Potter book. I recommend this to all of you big people too. It's *GREAT*. I would put it up there with the Phantom Tollbooth, Willy Wonka, and some of the other slightly odd classics.

Joseph's favorite steamer flavor is almond. Takes after his mom and Uncle Dykki.

Joseph's new room is twice as big -- I moved our old home office into my bedroom, and our friend Jasmine has moved into the small bedroom, doing worktrade, afterschool care for rent. Jasmine was Joseph's favorite sitter, and I think this has made life easier for both of us -- Thanks, Jas!


Joseph and I won Most Beautiful Kite at the Eugene Parks' Asian Kite festival in 1998. Joseph gave me my first kite as an adult as a Mother's Day present in 1995, but we really got into it full on this year! We got an award certificate, and a 24 foot dragon kite, all made of glittery iridescent clear mylar.

We took it to the kite festival in Florence, where I did most of the flying, while Joseph and Ben played in the sand and tidepools, Tree did battle with a harness delta stunt kite, Bill circulated, and Tyler drew mandalas in the sand with a stick.

Joseph's taking keyboard lessons with Scotty Perey, Sugar Beet and KidFester extraordinaire. The great blessings of having an electronic keyboard -- Joseph practices with earphones on, so we don't have to listen to everything over again...!

Joseph loves to hike, and we've been up local buttes and up into the mountains a few times. He has two pairs of little hiking boots -- one "stylin'" for in town, and one for serious muddy trekking. At left, Tyler and Joseph take on Spenser Butte in August 1998. They went up the steep approach, which would have daunted me. Joseph made it with nary a hitch or hand up.


Joseph seems to have daily AHA!s.


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