Wild Animal Plush Toy Pet Beds.   Changing the way your pet sleeps. 

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Anne Sheridan Designs, Inc.

Wild Animal Plush Toy Pet BedsTM 
... not only the ULTIMATE pet bed, but also a designer piece with so many more uses!

  Here's what you've been waiting for!


These elegant, designer pet beds, uniquely shaped in the form of wild animals, were created to be the most nurturing pet bed ever! Pets instinctively bond with them as they are cradled in the luxurious, warm, fuzzy plush material.  Each design includes anatomically structured soft contours that are irresistible and synonymous with comfort. 

Wild Animal Plush Toy Pet BedsTM are a brand new revolutionary invention destine to enhance your pet's life and your life.  See one, touch one, hold one and your life and your pet's life will never be the same!

Wild Animal Plush Toy Pet BedsTM will probably be your pet's most emotionally important possession...and your greatest gift to your pet. 

These pieces were also designed for many other functions. They are wonderful accent pieces, beautiful display items, fantastic photography props, cherished gifts, designer collectable pieces and warm, fuzzy, snugly cuddles for kids and adults.  They make great TV and reading pillows and wonderful bed mates. Actually, they are anything you want to make them.  Let your imagination run wild!

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