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You will find creative and educational approaches to [sub]urban land use issues here. There is a diverse collection of journalistic forays.

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Special Features:

Food- A revealing photographic comparison of diets typical of diverse global geographies and cultures as seen in the January, 2002 edition of the Smithsonian Magazine

Place Making- Images from Portland and Eugene that illustrate neighborhood scale place making for the purpose of bringing people together to create local culture and community enhancement. Also link to the City Repair Website.

[sub]Urban Design and Public Health. This choice will take you to the U.S. Center For Disease Control and articles/information that explain the connections between the [sub]urban built environment and public health.

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Early Strategies and Images

Site Plan

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East Bay

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City Repair

Suburban Renewal, Article in Architecture Week

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Bike Trip in Italy

Citizens' State of the City

Eugene Needs a Vision

Redevelop Existing Urban Areas

We Must Prepare For Oil Crisis