I am available to make presentations to classes, organizataions, conferences and special interest groups.

Topics I can adress include Peak Oil, Critical Impressions of Market Based Global Capitalism, Permaculture Perspectives on Urban Land Use, Block Planning, Converting a Suburban Property into a Permaculture Shangri la, Global Water and Food Trends, Eco Humanism, Neighborhood Community Building

I have presented at the Environmental Law Conference, the HOPES Conference, Eugene Bioneers Satellite Conference and Village Building Convergence in Portland. I have made presentations in Santa Rosa, Ca., Ashland, Bend, Corvallis, Newport and Coos Bay as well as Austin, Texas and many times in Eugene.

Media interviews have included local TV, KLCC, Jefferson Exchange from Ashland, KUGN.

Writing is another passion. I have had guest editorials in the Eugene Register Guard several times and have had articles published in Permaculture Review, The Peach Pages, Architecture Weekly and Eugene Weekly.

I wrote and self published a booklet, Global Trends-Local Choices, Towards an Eco Humanist New Culture. Please inquire, copies go for $15 or $20 mailing included.