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Hi. A few words about myself.

My home, for over ten years, is Eugene, Oregon. Before the Northwest, I lived most of my life in Texas, although I was born in Poughkeepsie, New York. Also a bucolic two years in the Arkansas Ozarks in the back woods where I constructed a very cozy hand built home. Travel has always been a keen interest, I do have a BA in Geography. Out of the country adventures have taken me twice to New Zealand, a number of times to Mexico and Central America. My longest trip was nearly four years which included about two and a half years in Europe, all over, and less than a year and a half in east, central and south Africa. Reasons for travel were to satisfy my own curiosity about geography, culture, politics and just to see what would happen. During those travels, I indulged a keen interest in surfing.

In South Africa, in a small town where I stayed just up the coast from Durban, I came across a book titled "Drawing on the Right Hand Side of the Brain." This book has lead me to painting, I paint on the right hand side of the brain. That is to paint what I am looking at, not what my left side of the brain is telling me.

Here at home, my activities are more local. After having devoted a good deal of my life to being on the move, I am finding being more in one place a welcome but mixed circumstance. Much of the web site explains perspectives and responses to our oil driven, automobile dominated society. My entire yard is garden, habitat, water features, food production, solar attributes, Permaculture concepts. I am a great bicycle enthusiast, virtually never driving. Eugene is a great town for bicycles. My civic involvements focus on suburban and urban land use issues. Writing is also an enjoyment, both fiction and cultural analysis. Another part of the website goes into greater detail about land use issues and writing.

At home in the back yard.

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