Neighborhood Place Making

These images provide several examples of creating "place" at a neighborhood scale. All are low budget and all have a positive impact. The idea is to create local culture by way of making places of interest in the neighborhood that bring people together. Places like these create pride and caring in the neighborhood. They facilitate people meeting and making friends. Most places in the world have urban/pedestrian public meeting places. These projects are a grassroots effort to make our urban areas more livable. More "being here" rather than "getting there."

Punch here to link to the City Repair website. At the website, you will find a link to a map that shows where these places are in Portland. Also, you will find a link to connect with City Repair activities in Eugene. Two images below are in Eugene.

City Repair people will make a trip to the East Coast this Fall calling on an impressive list of destinations to present these great ideas and visions of people power.


Intersection Repair, Portland. The labyrinth creates a special place. At times the street is closed for celebrations.

Lighthouse in SE Portland. The site is a memorial to a bike rider killed by a truck that did not stop. The artwork makes meeting people easy.

People's Co-op in SE Portland. Cob bench, wall, art. Place feels nice, facilitates social interaction.

Planter boxes are "pioneer" species, precursor for better things to come. The City of Portland owns the two vacant lots. Neighbors could lobby for the pavement between them to be removed to create a car free cul du sac. A neighborhood park just waiting to be born.

Poetry Garden, SE Portland. A small but engaging place. No permission needed for a small project like this to make nice enhancements to the 'hood.

Strawbale structure. Makes for an attractive landmark.

Sunnyside intersection repair. Perhaps the most well known place making project in Portland. There are a variety of enhancements with more to come. This is all permitted by the city of Portland there is an "official" process for intersection repair. At this site, planter barrels will give way to curb extensions and permanent landscaping. Perhaps a raised intersection to slow traffic. Repair projects like this should be in every neighborhood.

A solar powered pump for a pool at Sunnyside. Colorful, uplifting.

Sunnyside, kiosk. Community bulletin board. Living roof. Intersection Repair facilitates improved neighborhood communications.

Bench at SE Uplift in Portland. Public art can be an unusual place to sit in the shade.

Kiosk/bulletin board at SE Uplift in Portland.

Cob bench under construction, near River Road and Horn in Eugene. Passers by really like the bench. It will have a roof and bulletin board.

Mural Fest/Parking Lot Repair. River Road Goodwill Building, Eugene. The mural has catalyzed a neighborhood gathering. Tables of community info, munchies. Music was a great touch. An overpaved, unattractive place is transformed into a frolic. People meet, connect. Local Culture happens.