Springfield Church of the Brethren
of the Springfield Church of the Brethren
as of 1991

God empowers.

We recognize and accept the presence of the Spirit of God within us,
and we confess Jesus Christ, the Way, the Truth and the Light.

We are among the poor:  none of us is whole, and we cannot become
whole alone.  Therefore we seek our sisters and brothers and seek
Christ in all.

We welcome the gifts and insights of those outside our community. 
Likewise, we invite others into our fellowship, to unite their gifts
with ours, and to share in our faith journey.

We earnestly desire to include all, regardless of gender, age, race,
nationality, mental and/or physical challenge, sexual orientation, or
any other diversity we may have.  We want an intimate and involved
community where everyone belongs.  We yearn for spiritual and
emotional inter-dependence and maturation evolving together, like an
extended family.

We recognize and cherish our Church of the Brethren heritage, our
Anabaptist and Pietist roots.  We encourage all to be individually
discerning in the context of our faith community.  Not recognizing
national enemies, we affirm our traditions of pacifism and non-

We wish to be a loving, intentional, spiritual community, sharing our
pain and vulnerability, celebration and joy.

We treasure our children and want to provide them with a whole and
nurturing environment for growth and health.

We recognize we live in one world, with limited resources and
environmental vulnerability.  We wish to lead the world to a better
place by our own sensitivity to these realities.

We recognize a variety of gifts:  the gift of tearing down, the gift
of building up; being warriors, being healers; being prophets, being

We believe all belong.  We seek a world of peace with justice for
all.  Recognizing that none of us is whole, we desire mutual mission
with God's children throughout the world, that we all may become
whole and share God's shalom.

In this Spirit, we commit ourselves to our life together as the
Springfield Church of the Brethren.

Adopted at the Congregational Assembly, April 21, 1991.


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