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Without clean air and water, we are limited in what we can do for our health. We may suffer from headaches, allergies, or fatigue, not realizing that our diet of oxygen and water can affect us as much as our diet of food or emotions.
What can we do? In addition to supporting legislation and candidates who support high air and water quality, we can begin to change our home environment by using some simple tools.

Air Filters/Ionizers
Sundance carries two Bionaire models that combine trapping particles and odors with changing the electrical charge of the air in a room, similar to what a storm or waterfall does. A storm sends positive ions ahead of itself which suspends smoke, smog, dust and industrial pollutants in the air. As the storm arrives and the environment is filled with negative ions, the particulates also fall out of the air, leaving it clean, sweet smelling and fresh.

A similar, pre-storm environment is created indoors, especially where there is little or no fresh air flowing through. The non-conductive materials of walls, ceilings, floors and furniture acquire a positive charge and keep airborne pollutants (including bacteria, virii & mold spores) suspended in the air. A fan designed to move the air in a room combined with a microscopic filter and a negative ion generator removes the particulates completely and changes the room's ion balance.

How do positive ions affect our bodies? The smallest ions reach the lungs, where there can be enough buildup of positive ions to create an actual electrical current flowing into the body. This current creates a tiny voltage charge across the cells through which it passes, altering cell membrane potential and modifying the metabolic rate of the cells. Surplus serotonin is released into the blood plasma, resulting in higher sensitivity to pain and aero-allergens, and fatigue and irritability. These symptoms do not appear in everyone; the autonomic nervous system attempts, often successfully, to compensate for these biochemical shifts. But in individuals who are under any kind of stress, the autonomic nervous system often becomes overloaded and unable to handle the additional burden.
A negative ion generator counteracts these harmful effects - offering more energy, greater productivity, less sensitivity to allergens and more restful sleep.

Water Filters
We all know what chlorine tastes like. Ugh! It is rare to find tap water in any urban area without this 'flavorful' addition. But at least with chlorine, we know when it is there! There are many contaminants that can show up in city water that cannot be detected by taste, sight or smell. It seems only common sense to filter all water for drinking. It is important to get a filter that will remove all contaminants and not just an "aesthetic" filter which improves taste but allows other "tasteless" contaminants to pass through.

The filter we carry at Sundance uses a solid carbon block filter. They have a very high gallon capacity per filter. The solid carbon block filter does not allow for bacteria growth and effectively filters both aesthetic and toxic contaminants.

This system is designed for "point-of-use" and once installed needs no maintenance except the changing of the filter approximately every 6 months or more - they clog up when they need to be replaced. The self-serve ffiltered water we sell at Sundance uses the same solid carbon block filter. We have information on their effectiveness in filtering various contaminants available as a free handout at Sundance.

While a small, quiet box in a room many not be as romantic as a thunderstorm or a glorious waterfall for clearing the air inside, the health benefits can be quite tangible and enjoyable. Drink a toast to good health often and rest assured that what you drink is what nature intended.

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