David's Home Page

Born in 1956 in Mexico City, I lived with my family in California, Mexico, Texas, Iowa, and Illinois. Settling in the Bay Area in 1968, I lived there through middle school, high school and college. Starting at the University of California, Berkeley in a Computer Science program, I finished my Baccalaureate Degree in Theatre Arts, emphasis Acting, at California State University at San Francisco. I moved to Eugene, Oregon in 1981. I met my wife, Amethyst, that year. In 1983, we had our first child, Moksha. In 1985, I started working at a local natural foods store, Sundance Natural Foods, as a janitor. I worked as a cas hier for two years, then was asked to start writing and publishing a newsletter for the store which I did from 1987 until 1992. During that time I learned a lot about microcomputers and eventually oversaw the entire automation process for Sundance's busin ess office. In the course of this, I had to learn accounting, and ended up being the person at the store who know the most about bookkeeping. I am now the lead bookeeper and office manager, as well as wearing the hats of technology specialist and food and nutrition information specialist. I guess the word specialist is the wrong one for me though, I am rather much a generalist. During the years 1984 to 1988, I was also attending the University of Oregon, studying general science and computer technology. My educational career came to an abrupt end in 1988 with the advent of my second daughter, Isha. Work, school, and a new baby were too much for one person to handle. Since that time I have divided my time between raising chi ldren, working, cooking, learning about MacIntosh computers, playing music, and teaching. In 1991, I started a business dedicated to developing customized business software solutions for Mac computers using HyperCard as my development tool. Though I did g et several contracts, and complete several installations, I found that I did not have enough time to hold done a full time job, raise two children and have another business on the side. When I disolved the corporation in 1993, it had broken exactly even o ver the three years of its existence. Since 1987, I have been involved in an organization of northwest natural foods manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers called Provender Alliance. Provender Alliance sponsors a yearly edsucational conference which is the highlight of many people's work year. In the last few years, I have been teaching workshops at the conference on newsletters, product packaging, sustainable commerce, bookkeeping, and retail technologies (VISA/Debit/Scanners/POS equipment). I am also a member of Provender's Board of Directors' Steering Committee.