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Buddhapunks are anarchists of an ancient stripe. Although we believe that nonviolence is ideal, we are obviously engaged in our own karma on this issue.

] From whence came this web site? It began as one of the private message boards once hosted by Yahoo called 'clubs'. And like most good ideas among internet capitalists, it was abandoned at the height of it's popularity. At first this was an addendum to the Buddhapunk club but it is a good enough idea to survive it's progenitor. And with the demise of the Geocities sites Buddhapunk has been moved again. Most of these articles can no longer be found and have found a home archived here.

Below are a selection of articles by various people that demonstrates some little known aspects of Buddhist philosophy and also convey a sense of partnership with the West. I will continue to search out and revolve here, articles that may appeal to punk/anarchist Buddhists.

 These three new articles acknowledge current influences on Buddhism and confront the dark matter that can accumulate over long periods of time. Ancient concepts and practices can deepen and preserve Buddhism but some of them can also regress core teachings and create exclusion. These three Buddhists consider socialism, feminism and patriarchal elitism in Buddhism today.

Making Buddhism Radical

Buddhism Needs Feminism

Modern Buddhist Nuns






Sakyadhita's bibliography of Women and Buddhism.

Links to other socially conscious Buddhist web sites.

Buddhist Studies Virtual Library


The New Buddhism

book review

Dzogchen in Everyday Life

Tibetan Aid Project



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