Set of Antique Magazines from Granny Mel

1916 American Woman                         1909 Beautiful Homes

1904 Ladies Home Journal                         1919 Hearth and Home
It is a young Ethel Barrymore on cover

1904 The Housekeeper                    1907 Harper's Weekly

1904 Ladies Home Journal       1915 New York Times Mid-Week Pictorial

material list
Note pad (plain paper)
Steel rule with cork back
Craft knife or rotary cutter

1920 Pictorial Review

Print out set of covers. They look best on Photo paper but any will do. I use Kodak photo for all of mine. If using ink jet printer you will want to spray covers with Plaid's Patricia
Nimocks clear acrylic sealer (matte) so the ink will not run.

2. Cut out covers. Fold at spine, put glue on inside, place on edge of note pad (I use 7 or 8 sheets just enough to gave the look of pages), clamp and let dry. Glue several in a row - just leave cutting room.
3. Hold ruler on edge of magazine, cut straight down (be careful not to angle cutter as you can cut off some of back cover).
Enjoy your Magazines! Granny Mel, Minis by Mel, Our Miniature Family

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