We are a miniature family.  I have been interested in miniatures for a long time. When I first got in to making miniatures it was in the late 70's , I had a bad fall and was bedridden . I could not walk and in constant pain . The doctors had me on so much different medicine that I was on the brink of suicide. Some one gave me some Sculpey to give me some thing to do in bed. I started making little sculptures and even joined a club , I could not get to meetings ,but had calls from the members all the time .
Soon after that we moved to Eugene and I met Dorothy Wright she had a shop here. That was about that time I started making my vegetables & fruits. She and I started doing shows. I could hardly walk or stand for long but over time I got better. In the early 80's,  I took a class from Dorothy Wright, She soon became my best and close friend. We  traveled together for 6 years, doing shows up and down the West Coast.  When she wanted to stop traveling , my husband George joined me in 1987, we even traveled across the country  to do shows, until he lost his battle with cancer in 1994.

I now only do mail order with lots of stock in miniature books, magazines, posters, record albums, paper plates and lots of other items. 
My daughter Cherri "Cherri Varisco Miniatures" has make pinball machines, arcade games, TV's and other contemporary & antique games.  Please read her note on page 3.   

My sister-in-law, Phyllis Hill " Mini-Made Imaginations"  has also traveled across the  country doing shows. She makes  porcelain dolls and other dollhouse accessories.  We are separate companies and  all share a love of miniatures and these web sites.                                                        Thank you.  Mel   

PLEASE NOTE: "Our Miniature Family" is the title of the Web page. We are different companies, all of us use this address. When you write make it  attention of the company you are inquiring  from . Thanks