(5/25/99)      It is with a great deal of sadness that I must  announce  my retirement from making miniatures.  I was diagnosed with a very rare disease behind my eyes in 1993.  It has been slowly taking my sight.  It will continue to take my sight.  I have been through all the specialist's, ( medical as well as herbal), and there clearly is no treatment or cure.  So I have been learning to live with it.. My sight has been deteriorating slowly for all these years.  Making miniatures is very hard on my eyes.  I am learning to avoid things that cause stress to my eyes.  It is now time to stop doing something that I love dearly.  I have worked very hard for the last 10 years on building this business.  It is like a baby I have raised and must let go .
  Very few people have known about my condition.  Up until about the last month, I have been able to use strong magnifiers to build my miniatures.  I am never one to be pitied, or draw attention to myself.  I also didn't want anyone questioning my working ability.  In the last month, my condition has worsened to the point of needing to come forth with my situation.  In selling wholesale, I have had several shops and dealers that have been selling my line, they depend on me to get the product to them, In a timely manner and the best that I can do.  I can no longer promise this, as I can not depend on my eyes.
  To those of you that have supported us from the very beginning, Tim and I thank you very much.  We have made some lifelong friendships.  It is a wonderful community to be a part of.  We wish you good health and much happiness in your lives and business's.     

                         Most sincerely, 
                                 Tim and Cherri 
Varisco-Mercer                                                                     note  from Mel 10/26/02
Cherri is doing  ok, but it is getting worse slowly. Pray for her . Thanks Mel