Our Mission

Our programs are dedicated to providing recreational fitness experiences and competitive athletic opportunities to people with mobility impairments. More specifically, the goals are:

  • To promote the concept that physical fitness is essential for everyone;
  • To facilitate independent movement for all people with disabilities;
  • To provide outdoor fitness opportunities for people with disabilities;
  • To promote and improve the skills of athletes with disabilities (through local, national and international sports competitions such as the Paralympics);
  • To promote the integration of disabled athletes into able-bodied athletic activities.

World Wheelchair Sports is founded, organized and run by people with disabilities. Many of our members are young people who were active in sports and athletics before a traumatic injury made using a wheelchair a necessity. Others were born with disabling conditions or are older persons who have suffered from a stroke or severe arthritis. Whatever the nature of their disability, they discover through our programs the excitement and exhilaration of independent movement. For many of our sailing programs participants for instance, there is a notable increase in self-esteem and confidence when they find themselves independently on the water along with other able-bodied sailors. Several of our junior racing alumni have lettered in their high school's varsity track programs and some have won medals at the Paralympics. Participation in these healthy activities is often a catalyst for other positive improvements in the quality of life.