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Obras (2000) Obras (2000)

In 1998 Mason Williams heard me perform in a faculty concert. Since that chance encounter Mason Williams and I have become friends and partners in certain musical endeavors.

On this "Obras" CD I have recorded several compositions by Mason, including "Classical Gas". In addition Mason appears as a guest performer on his composition entitled "Flamenco Lingo", which is a very exciting Flamenco influenced trio for 3 guitars. I also added some percussion and bass.

In total there are five Mason Williams compositions on Obras. Four of these tunes have not been recorded and released by Mason. Three of these four are accompanied by string orchestra.

Other compositions on Obras include two traditional Spanish works by Torroba and Ferrer, a Chet Atkins arrangement of a Don McLean song, a Brazilian Choro. There are also two melodic works by my good friend, Larry Long from Knoxville, Tennessee. The final two pieces on the CD are the Concerto in D by Vivaldi, a three movement work for guitar and strings, followed by a melancholy composition by myself entitled, "Romanza del Desierto". Many fans have e mailed me to say how much they liked my "Romanza del Desierto". Heartwarming is the best way to describe this piece for solo guitar. It means, "Romance of the Desert" and I was inspired to write it while living in Arizona and camping in the desert. There are several instances when I have performed this piece and seen tears in peoples eyes.

Please Listen to some examples here at my web site.

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