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In With the Old, in With the New In With the Old, in With the New (1995)

This CD alternates between Classical Guitar Repertoire and Contemporary Original works. The Classical pieces include Renaissance, Baroque, and tonal twentieth century works. Most of the original works have backup music such as percussion, marimba, piano and much more.

I performed and recorded the entire CD and created the backing instruments with MIDI. My approach was to create realistic sounding instruments to support the Classical Guitar. The originals fall somewhere between Classical and Popular music.

Barbara Walters used 3 cuts on National Television. One selection was also used by Minnesota Public Radio on a daily basis for several years. But the real intent for this CD is for private use.

"Canarios" is a Spanish Baroque Guitar piece by Gaspar Sanz. I transcribed this work and the performance on this recording is fast and energetic. I find this piece to be a glimpse into the past which demonstrates the development of the Spanish sound for the guitar.

For this CD I also transcribed an 8 movement Sonata by Sylvius Leoplold Weiss and chose 3 dances to include on the CD: Courante, Sarabande, and Bouree. It was originally written for the Baroque Theorbo (lute); an instrument J.S. Bach was very familiar with. To date, I am the only guitarist I know of who plays these works. They are melodic and vary in tempo and style.

Please Listen to some examples here at my web site.

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