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Craig Einhorn: Live at the Old Siskiyou Barn (2002)

When performing live a musician can give a refreshingly different sound to the same works recorded in the studio. This can be attributed to the excitement of the one time event as well as the adoration of the audience. On September 14, 2002 I gave a concert at the Old Siskiyou Barn in Ashland, Oregon.

Rick and Joanne Soued converted the old Siskiyou Barn, near Ashland, Oregon, into a small concert hall which seats a little more than fifty people. The Soued's maintain a concert series year round. I prefer this size audience more then any other and I would be hard pressed to find a venue with better acoustics and a more comfortable environment.

Like most of my live performances I present many varying styles from different centuries and countries which are played on the Classical Guitar.

In addition I consciously ignore boundaries between Classical and Popular Music. Two songs which appear on the CD are "When I'm Sixty-Four, by the Beatles, and an original song based n a Native American Chant entitled, "O Great Spirit". The last four songs (tracks 13-16) were not recorded at the Old Siskiyou Barn but were added to increase the playing time of the CD. On these four English Renaissance songs I accompany Sharon Rogers at her senior recital at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon. Sharon is an experienced folk singer who returned to school in her mid forties to master classical voice. I have been continuously impressed by her accomplishments. The four Dowland songs were originally written for lute and voice. I tuned my guitar like a lute and played my parts almost flawlessly; a rare event for most classical musicians. Sharon's voice fits the style well.

1 Serenade for Guitar
2 Romantic Etude; Larry Long. (NOTE: Larry Long is the founder and former president of the Knoxville-Oak Ridge Classical Guitar Society. He wrote these pieces in the 1970's.)
3 Allemande (E mol; J.S. Bach
4 Sonatina (mov 2);Frederico Moreno Torroba
5 Sons de Carillos
6 Po de Mico
7 Grauna; Joao Pernambuco (NOTE: Pernambuco wrote these lively Choros for solo guitar in Brazil in the 1920's. Translate the Portuguese titles and the music will make more sense to you.)
8 Vincent; Don Mclean (NOTE: arr. Chet Atkins. Many people think this tune is called "Stary, Stary, Night", but it is called Vincent after Vincent Van Gogh. It was a very popular song on radio in the 1970's. )
9 A Little Mark Music; Chet Atkins (NOTE: Chet Atkins wrote this lively piece as a tribute to his friend Mark Knopfler, the guitarist from Dire Straits. You can definitely hear the rhythm which Chet was going for.)
10 When I'm 64; The Beatles (NOTE: arr. Einhorn)
11 O Great Spirit; Einhorn (Note: Trad. Native American)
12 La Primavera; Victor Velazquez
13 Flow my Tears
14 All ye whom Love or Fortune
15 Come Again
16 Praise Blindness Eyes; John Dowland

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