Craig Einhorn, Classical Guitarist
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Craig Einhorn plays Classical Guitar

Hello Craig,
I just recieved my Obras CD.I'm amazed how quickly it got here.It was a good thing to get it on Valentine's day.My wife thought it was lovely.As for me the CD was more enjoyable than I had imagined. I have enjoyed Mason's music for many years now and with your talent in addition has made this guitar music very pleasant to listen to. I will look forward to purchasing Chorros when it comes out.

Thanks again, Ed

Thanks – the music is great. In fact, I’d like to order another copy of the CHOROS for my father-in-law – he really likes guitar music and this would be a great gift. Thanks!


We've listened to your CD 4 times already, and it's terrific. It was a pleasure to finally meet you.


Dear Craig,
Thanks for bringing some joy to my heart!

Sincerely, Sylvia

I love the CD!

I was dancing tango with a local DJ in Boston last night and we were discussing your CD. I confessed that I thought there were many other selections that were very danceable, if not at a traditional milonga. Turns out he's already added several to his play list for his milonga...

Your CD is definitely bringing a great deal of joy to many people...

Ferol, Boston, M.A.

Hi Craig,
I just wanted to pass on a little something to you. Jim and I had a friend over and we had put Choros on and they asked us, "Who is that? Paco? John Williams? -- can't ask for a better compliment than that! I know I've said it before, but the more I listen to it, the more I like it. Well done, Craig.

Kathi Graue

Hi Craig,
A tango DJ named Robin Thomas (from NYC) mentioned your song “Milonguea de Ayer” in one of his recent postings on Tango-L. He provided a link to the CD Baby website, and I listened to the song out of curiosity. I have indeed heard that particular song before, both in New York City and Ann Arbor, MI, probably when Robin was DJ-ing. Guitar is not a common instrument for milongas (Argentine tango dances), so the song was quite memorable for me, and pleasant both to listen and to dance. I decided to buy that CD, in fact I bought both of your available CDs from that website.

Cheers, Anthony

Thanks, Craig!
It is wonderful. I've had two listens, the first as background music and the second in my favorite position with volume up sitting in the geometric center of the speakers. The music and sound quality are terrific. The Artwork is very well done too!

What does it take to make the big-time?

Appreciatively, Paul

I really liked your CD! George Winston

WOW! This is GREAT guitar work, and the solo on Classical Gas is remarkable!!

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