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Obras arrived this afternoon. Great CD, but of greater importance is that my 16 year old son can't stop playing it. Will leave positive feedback for the transaction and the CD. Enjoy the party tomorrow. Please extend my best wishes.


Hi Craig,

Boy-the CD you have is just AWSOME!! I have loaned it out to my friend and now I can't get it away from him :o[ so I need another! You are an incredible player and It was really neat to hear Mason's new tunes...Great pieces! And you did them WONDERFULLY!

Thanks again Craig, Sue


Just finished listening to Obras. It was all I hoped it would be and more. As I sat in my recliner listening I thought what a wonderful thing it would be if the Afghan Refugees in their hopelessness could get fed a good meal by our hands and then listen to your music by your hands. No politics, no religion, no propaganda. Just food and music. Win them over with something besides bullets and threats. Show the world what America really stands for, what we as individuals represent to a people who know nothing but despair, hunger, fear, sorrow. I guess I have become a bit of a peacenik in my old age. I'm a far cry from the Old Warrior I was but I am still willing to fight for what I believe in. Just with different weapons now. I am a member of a discussion group of Veterans and receive a considerable amount of email concerning our present situation and feel a lot of it relevant and worth passing along. I will forward you one recent piece. If you would like I will, from time to time, pass things along that I consider important and well written. If not just let me know and I will no longer forward these pieces. I received a nice email from Mason who offered to send my son some music at DU.

Thanks again for the beautiful and touching music. Darrell Sage

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