Craig Einhorn, Classical Guitarist
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You seem to be on the right track anyway! Your composing and you working on getting your music out there and those are NOT easy things to accomplish. Your CD is very good ... it has energy, passion, originality and sincerity and you really don't need much more then those... "MUSIC SHOULD BE A SINCERE AND SOULFUL EXPRESSION OF WHAT IS INSIDE THE PERSON," ... years ago I worked with an unknown singer/songwriter who taught me that ... it was a good lesson for me.


I just got Obras yesterday and took it to the barn last night to try the tempo and rythm of some of the songs with my horse. It is a beautiful CD, with several possibilities for the ride. The canter is a 3-beat gait and "Riding the Low Moon" works quite well with Mike's (that's the horse) tempo for canter work. Parts of "Classical Gas" work for the trot, and is quite honestly the inspiration for this whole project. It was one of those "driving in the car the song comes on the radio it clicks with the remembered rythm of the trot has lots of tempo changes wouldn't it be great to design a ride around that song" sort of experiences.
Anyway, it is a great CD and you play beautifully. I will leave glowing feedback on ebay and I will send you some video, even if it's a work in progress. Mike is a very pretty horse to watch.


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