Craig Einhorn, Classical Guitarist
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Craig --

your new record KICKS ASS!! I just listened to it for the first time last night. The recording, mixing, and especially the performance are all incredible. Congratulations, I wish I could make something so beautiful...


Hello, Craig,

I just received your CD today, and it has been filling the house with music since I got home from work. Absolutely lovely; much more than I'd anticipated, and that expectation was actually very high.
Mason might have written Riding the Low Moon with horse and rider in mind, but from this latin dancer's standpoint, it is a song I've wanted for a long time. It's one I may never dance with a partner; just a very free song between my dancing soul and the music. I'm glad you chose the South American approach, but loving Celtic music as well, can't help but wonder if a rendition in that style might be on a future CD?
Tierra Comun is another favorite, the bullfighter & his cape in my mind, yet more, so full of drama, romance, emotion. I need to hear it many more times before I know it well enough to even describe.
The marvelous surprise was Vivaldi! I've adored Vivaldi's works most of my life (never made the 1st ballet company here, only the 2nd - - belated toe shoe foot rebellion), & was always so happy when any of his music was the key. I believe your rendition is one he would have been extremely pleased with. Variations on a theme, and Perfect.
And I can't wait to share the CD with the finest electric guitarist I know, Billy Darnell, who moved here from CA years ago. He knows so many from his musical life, years with The Byrds, etc, I wouldn't be surprised if he knows Mason as well! Billy will be the critic; I am just a fan.

Thank you! Klonda

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