Craig Einhorn, Classical Guitarist
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Very smooth transaction, received excellent quality cd, great music! I'm happy!

Good afternoon Craig.

I am in total bliss!! I am listening to Obras right now, and it's wonderful. I am also reading Mason's book, which also arrived today. And so, as I trip back through the decades to the late 60's accompanied by your delicious songs, it is a very, very good day. I loved Vincent. I now have your version, as well as Don McLean's and Jane Olivor's. Classical Gas was incredible, and Romantic Etude is sublime (nice job on the Concerto as well). Flamenco Lingo was yummy...I am running out of adjectives!! I will treasure this CD forever and thank ebay for helping me discover your talent and I'll be visiting your website often. The scenery behind you and Mason isn't too bad either. I bet it's a local call to God up there in Oregon. Take care and keep in touch.


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