Craig Einhorn, Classical Guitarist
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just wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed your CD. It's in heavy rotation at the Ross office computer and playing at this minute. Great selections - lots of versatility, style, joy, and wonderful technique. Love the Mexican influenced pieces and the duets. I will keep you in mind for the right gig - congratulations on completing a wonderful piece of work!


Hello Craig.

Thanks for the cd. I thought that Mason's Classical Gas was very good as a solo - but for my ear, the original is still an "epic" for me. On the Phillips Label, Allegro Largo Allegro, by Los Romeros, is also very excellent.
I must say though that I was not dissapointed at all and what made my experience so enjoyable was your own #16. I would have paid the money just for that alone. Bravo! Crisp, clear and melodic at a very long tempo and yet still flowing strong very nicely all the way through. I'm impressed with that number more than anything on the album.
Thanks again and let me know of more that you've recorded - I will buy it!

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