Craig Einhorn, Classical Guitarist
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"In with the Old...." = great acoustic guitar music. An A++ transaction.

Hi Craig

Even with cold fingers in the damp under a sagging tent you sounded great - I was the one who bought your CD just as you were packing up - have listened to it several times since and it makes me happy in my heart. Want to try your previous one but have a thing about ordering over the internet. And your snail address is tucked away in another World Beat person's house at the moment. SO if you could email me your snail, I'll send you 15 bucks and wait with bated breath for more wonderful music. Thanks so much. And thanks for being with us last weekend! Hope you enjoyed the festival.



I have received my CD today. What a great CD. My english could be better ,then I could tell you how much I enjoy your music. I am french canadian, I live close to Vermont on the Quebec side. I closed my store to concentrate only on internet selling. I would have gladely have taken some of your CD's to sell if I still had the store. I would like to buy "In with the Old,In with the New" I will send you a check (US) also I would like to order an other "Obras" this one will be for my daughter. Tell me how much it will be for the two and the shipping. And thank you again for all that beautiful music.

Best regards Noella

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