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Hi Craig.

I received "Obras" a few days ago and have been listening to it. I wanted to give it a several good listens before writing back to you. It's great! You obviously are wonderfully talented, but I also liked the arrangements and selection of pieces. It was fun to hear Mason Williams pieces I hadn't heard before. (Tierra Comun sounds a lot like "Baroque-A-Nova". I wonder if this work was what Mason originally intended it to be, but he modified it into Baroque-A-Nova for Simon andGarfunkel. I seem to remember that S & G were going to be on the Smothers Brothers show and that Mason had written a song for them to sing, but then they backed out at the last minute? I'll have to look back at the liner notes on his Mason Williams Ear Show album. He mentioned on his "Handmade" album that he did something similar with "Jose's Piece", which he redid as "Largo DeLuxe". At least that's what I remember without looking back at the liner notes.)

Given that my two favorite pieces on the CD are "Chico Hot Springs" (do you have any idea where Chico Hot Springs is and what inspired the piece?) and "Sons de Carillos", which of your other CD's would you recommend I purchase next? And have you ever played Courerin's "Les Barricades mysteriueses"? It's on the Parkening Plays Bach CD, but I think he plays it too fast!

I checked out the "Artvark Cafe" and they have you listed in their future programs. Is it official that you will be playing there? I'll definitely go. I wish my wife could attend too, but her health isn't so good. I will try to find out who at my college, Monterey Peninsula College, is a contact person for concerts. They don't seem to do that many concerts there, but I know they have done concerts in the past. Perhaps I should get you the email address for the guitar instructor there too. Maybe you could combine being a guest lecture at one of his classes along with a gig there; that would help publicize a concert.

By the way, I was impressed with the quick response from CDBaby. I ordered your CD over the internet on the 19th, immediately got a computer response email, got an email from a CDBaby person on the 20th that the order had been sent out, and received it just a few days after that.

Again, I really enjoyed your music and I look forward to hearing more. And if you get a chance maybe you can tell me more about Mason!


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