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One Planet Household Utilities 2050
tinkering at the sovereign :: regenerate intersect

One Planet Footprint
Low Impact Dwelling

One Planet Council
Lammas EcoVillage
TAN 6  -  OPD Handout
Off All Grids
Outdoor Lifestye
Zero Waste
Rain Harvesting
BioChar Cisterns
Living FenceHedgerows / Coppicing
Wild Animal Co-habitation
Plants for a Changing Climate
humans as a keystone species

Natural Building

Ondol - Under floor Heating
Mycelium Insulation
  Pallet Cob
Charcoal Plaster
Living roof
Korean Hanok
Tony's Roundhouse

Lyla June Interview

The BioChar Hearth

Domestic Carbon Crafting

Whirly Girl Can Stove
Estufa Finca Stove

Chris Farmer - Youtube

Fuel Stock Routine
Stove Making Routine
Continous Loading Kiln
Charcoal Products

Hot Rock Tek

The Probiotic Kitchen

Cultivating Indigenous Micro Organisms

Decolonize the palate
Wild Tending

Korean Fermentation
Warming Cabinets

Korean Natural Farming
Insect Nurseries
Future Foods

Coltura Promiscua

Veganic Gardening

Urban Foraging
 Invasive Species as Staples

Terra Preta Sanitation
Food Web Maker

Amazonian Legacy

TPS Flow Chart

Urine Centric
BioChar Compost Mixture
Lacto Fermentation / Bokashi

Black Soldier Flies
Big BSFL farms

Mark Cohen

Soil Sovereignty
Urine-Enriched Biochar
Soil as Currency

Hectare Magic
Ringing Cedars Link