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Dear Nature Conservancy; TNC,

We are land stewards and wild tenders in Pacific NW Cascadia. Through years of weekly meetings we have developed a structured concept for placing indigenary stewardship villages within large PNW conservancies.

We have been greatly inspired by Wales' recent One Planet Development policy and land use regulation which we recognize as a clear procedural guideline for establishing eco-keystone habitats for humans in large conservancies in our bio-region. This, coupled with the concrescent call from climate science to bring much of humanity back to ecological service livelihoods by 2050, places our conceptual interest near the visionary edge of indefinitely sustainable land use.

We are equally inspired by TNC's ideological and leadership work with the global indigenous. Your Indigenous and Communal Conservation Program seems to have found the elusive institutional agility that unlocks the commons key to building collaborative relationships across the array of hard lines that form up when attempting "inclusive conservation". To our view this deserves a major prize for revealing the future.

By extension, our conservancy concept foresees the cultural refugees of climate change finding themselves necessarily tribalizing around indefinitely sustainable livelihoods, where stewarding means indigenous management and restoration techniques (wild-tending), where tenure means working within conservancies as commons sanctuaries that require human community for trophic and diversity cascades, consequently becoming an emergent re-indigenizing peoples and plainly definable as such through livelihood alliance with the remaining global indigenous. And within this scheme we have been imaging a future in collaboration with The Nature Conservancy where you extend your experience mediating for the truly indigenous and become counsel to our more bio-regionally unique efforts and concerns. This is what we are becoming.

Our direct appeal is for the Conservancy to ideologically herald the impending humanitarian climate refugee situation through program recognition of an "emergent indigenary" class in the first world. To begin sincerely accommodating those who are trained and aware that they are becoming necessary to the proper functioning of some of our most endangered local ecosystems, and bequeath them pilot sanctuaries where the practice of community harmony is the ancient prerequisite for deep cultural landscape re-generation.

We see this as the inevitable first world outcome of what has beneficially transpired over the last decades between the world-wide conservancies and the pre-existent indigenous peoples within them. This institutional success abroad has allowed indigenous and communal protected areas to be an inspired reality, even becoming a global priority. We believe this priority will soon come to have a unique North American theater that we are working to envision and intentionally prefigure, and feel there are the greening societal resources on the American west coast to bring it to a full initial, even this generation, demonstration here in Cascadia.

Again, our inspired base-lines are what Wales has done to codify and legalize indefinitely sustainable development through the agency of Lammas Eco-village, and what The Nature Conservancy intentions through the Indigenous and Communal Conservation Program.

We are syncing these to:

Begin accommodating the forthcoming re-indigenous zeitgeist requiring sanctuary and livelihood as a keystone species well within the precepts of The Conservancy's mission and ecological covenant.

Begin self-identifying as indigenous through a livelihood alliance with the international indigenous community and begin drawing a social contract with the global Commons in this regard.

Couple the One Planet Development policy to the Terra Preta utility and apply them to the emergent definition and geography of "re-indigenous".

May we have your counsel on these intentions?
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