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Prado, Transport, Capitolio, Streets

Pride of the Prado

Parque de los Enamorados

Maximo Gomez Monument, Miguel's Turf

Children's Theater

Learning to Watch your Step

Bird Man

Payret Cinema

Slow Train to China

Train Yard, Guard and Guard Dogs

Long Wait(ing) Hall, Estacion Centrale

Iron Horse

Neigh, This Ain't a One Horse Town

Retired from the Carriage Trade

Tourists on a Cultural Tour

El Capitolio (closed indefinitely)

Street behind El Capitolio

Roof Garden

Sunday Morning, Calle San Ignacio

Watch Your Step

Children's Rite of Passing under Hanging Shoes

Dumping Ground for Old Motor Oil

Reserved Parking


Neighborhood Watch

Police Post

Power Struggle

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