Oakmont Park

Georgeann with Sophie

With Mama

With Daddy

With Grandpa

With Grandma

With Mommies

Down Hill

Up Hill



Mannekin Pis

Scooter Family

Rolf with Cooper

Taking the Shortcut

Tony with Lilly

Bill with Keiko

Pete with Mieko

Stephen and Irie with Andre

Chicken Little Library

Michael with Doug

Meeting Place

Dallas- "This sure beats spending the Winter in Wisconsin."

Brandon- "Yes, some people in Oregon still wear a white shirt and tie."

Gloreen with Charlie

Magdalene with Pisa

Shirley with Cookie

Skate Boarding

Low Sun

Oakmont Park during 2017 Solar Eclipse

Peek from Oakmont Park Peak

Sun Worshipper

Sun Followers

During 99% of Total Eclipse

Neighbors                           Oakway Center