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Noxious Weed Integrated Vegetation Management Guide 

This information was originally developed and produced as a series of printed technical bulletins as a resource for vegetation managers seeking practical information on effective, environmentally sound methods for managing noxious weeds.  It provides information on how to set up an integrated vegetation management (IVM) program.  The series of documents listed below were authored by the Bio-Integral Resource Center (BIRC) through a U.S. EPA grant.  The originally produced bulletins are individually bound and available from BIRC, PO Box 7414, Berkeley, CA; birc@igc.apc.org

These bulletins have been published on the Internet at IPM ACCESS through a separate EPA grant as a result of the EPA's interest in this type of information being made freely available to a wider audience.  The text is identical to the originally published documents.  Minor formatting changes have been made in order to conform to the HTML protocols, and some portions of the documents that are identical to each have been included as a separate link to its own web page (e.g., Introduction, Chemical Controls, Educate Vegetation Management Personnel and the Public, Evaluate the Vegetation Management Program, Further Information, and the Appendices).


All other materials located within IPM Access are authored and copyrighted by IPM Practitioners Assoc. unless otherwise noted.

Last modified: September 21, 2000

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